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Decisions, Decisions….WWYD

This is an exercise for me as much as it is a solicitation of opions from you! I’ve already told y’all things were crazy (again) on the job front and I’ve really been praying for a peaceful end to the madness. So I started applying for various and sundry jobs in and around the hospital. Which leads me to today’s WWYD 🙂

Job #1

  • Applied for this job about two weeks ago.
  • Administrative Assistant III.
  • With jobs at the hospital, you really only know what position you’re applying for and in which department the job is located.  No specifics about the job.
  • Interviewed with the doc running the program.
  • Got really excited about the position. 
  • Positives:  working with the state’s abused children program; opportunity for growth; a chance to use my MPH; opportunity to supervise two medical assistants (supervisory experience goes a long way at the hospital); center is growing.
  • Negatives:  would have to take a pay cut (with the caveat that they would give me performance increases once I pass 90 days probation to get me back where I am, the cut isn’t too bad, but it’s still a cut); the hours are 8-5.  I currently work 730-4 and LOVE IT. 

Job #2

  • A former coworker put my resume in the hands of the doc hiring
  • Project Administrator
  • Got really excited about the position
  • Positives:  More money, relaxed schedule, able to use my MPH and my MA, center is in its infancy so a chance to help “grow” it
  • Negatives:  Very data driven work – not a horrible thing, but I’m not sure about spending 8 hours a day crunching numbers and compiling reports


Now.  After my interview for position #1 (and before I knew about the possibility of job #2) I prayed and asked God not to let them offer me the job unless it would be a good move for me.  While I am ready to leave my current position I didn’t want to jump into the first thing offered just to get out.  They offered me the job yesterday.  Job #2 hasn’t been offered – they just called yesterday and told me they’d posted the position and they wanted me to apply for it.  They also told me they were going to try to get as much money for me as they could – which would be an increase over my current salary.

So, what would y’all do?  Take the sure thing job?  It is the one I prayed over.  If I don’t take it am I disregarding God’s will for my life?  Talk to the doc about job #2 and let him know I’ve got a bird in the hand? 

I’ve been praying for an answer and still have no clue what to do.  I really am trying to walk in ordered steps.  Smoochy is cool with whatever decision I make.

So good people, WWYD?


4 thoughts on “Decisions, Decisions….WWYD

  1. How awesome is that you have options?!

    I would pick number option two for two reasons, more pay and the flex schedule. Does your former co-worker have any insight about the doctor and\or team you would be working with?

  2. I’m not sure, but I thought you had several degrees one of which was in IT or somthing in the science realm. I would push/hope for #2. Just the title of #1 isn’t ok for me (granted I know nothing about how positions are titled where you are). Plus there is a pay cut.

  3. You should have a week to accept or decline the offer to job #1, right? If so, have a conversation with job #2 about the “bird in the hand” and see what they say. Who’s to say that God won’t allow job #2 to extend you an offer which gives you the ability to choose? Don’t limit God.

    If offered both, I would take job #2. I like those pros better and the opportunity to grow the position seems more fulfilling to me.

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