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Random Ramblings

  • Thank you all for the anniversary wishes!  We had a great time celebrating and are looking forward to whatever the future holds for us 🙂
  • Y’all know I try to do right.  I really do.  But why is my boss asking me about what I’ve done to get ready for next year’s students?  NOT A DAMN THING.  I refuse to do your friend’s job for her.  No way.  Aint happening.  Now put that in your pipe and smoke it.
  • Lovegirl’s school year ended yesterday.  I’ll let you guess who’s running around the house talking about “whose in first grade?  I’m in first grade!  Booya!!!” 
  • I shouldn’t tell y’all this…but it tickled me to no end.  When we went out Saturday night, Smoochy tried to order a number 38.  Dear?  That’s how much the steak costs, not the item number.  Wouldn’t trade him for the world!
  • Someone please stop me from going to S.onic every day.  I know I shouldn’t, but ooh, ooh – I love cherry limeades!  Not to mention S.onic has the best ice ever!!  I am trying (and failing) to limit myself to one a week. 
  • Have I told y’all (lately) how much I love 6pm?  I do, I do, I do!  Just scored some tall, suede boots for…$19.  Woot woot!
  • My coworker’s teenage son hangs up on her every single day.  Every single day.  o_O.

Okay, that’s it.  I’ve got to get back to boxing up my old files and sending them to storage.  I think it is going to take me all of the 5 days I have left here to complete this task 🙂


28 thoughts on “Random Ramblings

  1. DO HER JOB!! Also, you got a promotion, but that doesn’t mean you’re in first grade. Stop running around the house like that! Stop going to Sonic every day! I stopped myself from eating Cookout milkshakes weekly. Only allowed once a month. Sometimes I time it so that I have 2 in consecutive weeks (one in the previous month) but then I get no more milkshakes for 3+ weeks and that’s just torture. If I get a job outside of NC, though? It’s on!! I’m eating them AT LEAST once a week! Also, I love Sonic’s ice, too! I stick with the original limeade. Your coworker’s son clearly needs his phone shut off and the locks changed. But methinks that won’t be happening since he hasn’t stopped hanging up on her.

  2. Sonic’s ice is every.single.thing!

    There is a Sonic right at the end of the driveway for work. I often walk over during happy hours. Also, if you’re interested enough, some Sonics’ sell their ice by the bag. Totally worth it.

    Congrats LG!

    LMAO @ Smoochy. I think he and Mel would get along well.

    Don’t blame you. Not your job to do her job. Trifling *(()*&*^…….

  3. Glad to hear you enjoyed your Anniversary.

    People kill me with wanting others to pick up their slack. I’m all for helping out OCCASIONALLY, but to do someones job for them….I think not. Unless my salary is being double then we can definitely talk. Lol

    Cute that Lovegirl is excited about 1st grade when she JUST ended the school year. That’s little ones for ya.

    We have a Sonic right up the street and I’ve never had their limeades. I heard they are good. I did have a teeny sip of some new lemonade icee thing that Mcdonalds has and it was so delicious. I’m trying to behave though so I refuse to be tempted. Lol.

    Um… teenage son would have NO phone privileges INDEFINITELY. There is no way I’d allow my son to hang up on me. That’s just the ultimate disrespect. UGH!!!!

  4. #38…I needed that so bad today. LMBO Let us know how Lovegirl feels about 1st grade once she starts! I am not going to bother to comment on the teenager cus your husband already put me in a good mood with his steak order so I am not going to spoil it.

  5. First grader, booya…that’s funny!
    I had the limeade once…I can go the rest of my life without it…now their shakes are a different story.
    Why does the teenage son have a phone to hang up on her. Why hasn’t he been destroyed by now. Everyday? shame.

  6. I did not know lovegirl was so young. The things you tell us she says had me thinking she was in 2nd grade.

    I love Sonic happy hour. If there was one close to me I would be there daily.

    • She’s an old soul. Believe me, it takes everything in my power for me not to go every day. Should I tell you now that I went yesterday – and resisted!!!

  7. #38 huh? Cute! Not a first grader, lol? Her personality alone puts her in middle school! Teenage son would have a death wish if he tried that mess with me. If he did it after I went buck wild crazy on his behind after the first time, I would be right at the house after that second phone call!

    • If you could hear the daily exchange, you’d come this way and beat him on GP. “What! Don’t you hang up on me! Hello? Hello? Did he hang up on me again?” Then she calls him back. And he hangs up on her again. 😦

  8. “But why is my boss asking me about what I’ve done to get ready for next year’s students? NOT A DAMN THING”

    Bwahahahahahahahahaha! I feel you! I’ve been out of my old position for 6 months now. I wrote those folks a DETAILED debrief document. Do you know they still have the nerve to be asking me ish?! Ish that was in the document no less? Chile, please. Y’all better read hell.

    Yay Lovegirl! I love her enthusiasm for all things education! Go first grade, go first grade go!

    #38……tee hee. Smoochy’s awesome.

    • OMG! Pretty much. I typed up a document. I’m done. Y’all figure the rest out. Hell. I really, really, really hope they don’t call/email me when I leave. But I know they will. Their bad. Yeah, I may be a little pissy.

      Girl, that child and her first grade booya are killing me!!

  9. I LURVE Cherry limeade YUM!!! and Ice oh how I love Ice. Those two together??? SWOON! Lots of funnies in this post! LOL!

    • Girl, my husband is ridiculous with his! I was at the table crying/laughing! One day I’ll tell y’all about the time he used thin breadsticks as serving utensils…

  10. First grade…time is flying by these days, sounds like she’s indeed super excited.
    I don’t know what to tell you about work- but I don’t blame you at all for actually expecting someone else to do THEIR job 🙂

    • Yep, the old people were right. The older we get, the faster time flies!
      As far as the job, I don’t mind helping her out (a little) but since I all of a sudden wasn’t doing anything correctly and they did everything to let me know I was no longer wanted, I have no real feelings of loyalty or any desire to be overly helpful. I’m trying – really hard – to be mature and Christian about this. But God knows – I really just want to tell ’em where to stick it.

  11. Sonic limeades are the biz-ness. That is all. So no, I won’t be of any help to you trying to kick your Sonic habit. If one was closer to me or my job, I’d have one every. single. day. For real.

    “Put that in your pipe and smoke it” had me dying laughing at work. Shameful I can’t comment on blogs from my work computer. Had to wait till I got home to do it.

    Your coworker allowing her son to hang up on her should be punched in the gut. Maybe that would knock some sense into her. No child of mine will EVER be that disrespectful to me and I not do anything about it. No way, Jose.

  12. We just got a Chik-Fil-A here in Chicago and besides it being magically delicious, the ice is off the chain. Glad to see I’m not the only one that appreciates restaurant ice.

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