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Dear Jameil….

I have spent the last few days hours oohing and aahing over the things that Chloe does to her nails!  I have hipped my mother to the site and we have already made plans to watermarble our nails when I’m home next month.  I may or may not have spent the better portion of last night trying to do a tape off design on my nails – hands and feet.  I failed miserably.  Mostly because I had no scotch tape and tried to use packing tape.  (I don’t recommend it!)  I realize that I need a whole new slew of complimentary nail polish colors to do some of the things that Chloe does.  Ma’am – you have fed my addiction and I thank you for it!  I think.

If y’all are into nails – and yes, I realize how odd that sounds – check Chloe out.  I don’t love it all, but I love a lot.  And I plan on trying some of  her designs out, and soon! 

Oh, you want pictoral evidence of the tomfoolery that was my thumbnail last night?  Sure:

Epic fail. But I'm going to keep trying. With a more subtle design/color scheme 😉


24 thoughts on “Dear Jameil….

  1. I’ve done the water marble. It was fiyah! Have fun. I’m terribly into polish these days. At last check, I’ve accumulated about 70 bottles in varying colors. My newest fetish is all things glitter on top of any color. Don’t sleep on Wet.N.Wild Glitter polishes ($0.99 at C.V.S.). The best, but a chore to take off.

    • Go ahead – give it one more shot! I am admittedly more into pedicures – they last longer and can be a little more fun and wild than my fingernails. Which I try to keep “professional” looking. (Says the lady with blue fingernails…)

  2. I have waaaaayyy too many bottles of nail polish. I never finish one before I’m on to the next. My latest obsession is Navy Blue. I apply different brands with different finishes for a “custom” look. lol

  3. LOLOL!! I tried to send you a pic of my feet. I did hot pink and graphite. Rashan said, “Very creative” and wasn’t even being jerky! Shocking! I think I’ll do my nails tonight.

    • That is hilarious! Girl – My toenails are purple – I thought I’d add silver stripes – fail!! Hot *** mess. Tonight I’m stopping by the drugstore to buy a huge bottle of polish remover, scotch tape and a new color or two. I’ll keep u posted 🙂

  4. I love that water marbling! Can’t wait to try it.

    I was looking at that design of zebra stripes…..I wonder is that free hand or a template?

  5. I felt like the Goddess…I had no idea, either. BUT, after looking at some you.tube videos, I gave manis to three of my little cousins, and we tried water marbling. It was fun, and all I heard were little squeals of excitement, lol.

      • Yes, ma’am! If the color seems a little watered down, add a drop or two more to make its “consistency” (for lack of a better word) similar to the other polishes you use. After realizing this, I was able to mix everything from Essie, to OPI, to Pure Ice, to Wet n’ Wild. Also, because they DO dry really quickly, avoid having any fans or anything going on. The ceiling fan nearly derailed our project, and I ended up having to re-do a couple of little fingernails. What else…oh yeah, make sure to “clean up” the pool of color completely before pulling the finger out of the water because its weight can pull the color from the nail a bit.

        These might all be tips on Chloe’s site or that you’ve read elsewhere, but I looked at a couple of other tutorials on my phone b/c I couldn’t remember her name and was having issues pulling up your site on my phone for some reason. At any rate, I apologize if you already know all of this. 🙂

  6. Thanks to you, I have accumulated several Sally Hansen nail packs, glue on nails, and polish colors for my time off from work. I will send you the picture of my mani pedi for this week.

  7. Cute! How’d you do your fingernails?

    All my experimenting has been a big, epic, fail! Oh well. I did get some new colors out of the deal, and right now my toenails look like the night sky – deep blue with a coat of silver glitter – too pretty!

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