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It All Boils Down To This

* It seems like there’s a whole lot of nothing and everything going on in my little world right now.
* I’ve been teaching the 2nd grade class at Vacation Bible School this week. Next year? I’m donning gloves and handing out hot dogs and chips! I kid, I kid. I’ve actually rather enjoyed working with the kiddos. But please don’t tell anyone. It’ll ruin whatever rep I have left!
* One little boy asked me how old I was. I asked him how old he thought I was. “You could be 20, you could be 60. You’ve got a lot of gray hair, so I can’t really tell.” o_O
* I didn’t pledge a thing in college. Didn’t pledge a thing grad chapter. But everytime I hear “A.tomic D.og?” I may or may not start to stroll like I pledged Que back in Spring ’90.  Just me?
* This is totally TMI, but I now fully understand why God sent one of the plagues He did to the Egyptians.  Straight misery.
* Have I mentioned lately how much I’m enjoying my new job?  In addition to working in the field of Bioethics which I’m over the moon about, my boss is awesome, I’ve already mentioned my office (yay!) and my favorite perk ever – we can wear jeans on Friday!  To quote my favorite kid, “booya!” 
* Have I also mentioned the frequency with which my old department is calling me?  I wish I were just a skosh meaner.  But, I’m trying not to completely burn heavily singed bridges!
* Thanks to KRock, my family Lovegirl is now demanding these little cheesy bits of goodness on a nightly basis.  So not happening, but they are really quick and easy and I’d definitely recommend trying them.  Added bonus:  I now have a mini muffin pan so I can bake cute little muffins, eat 6 of them and convince myself that’s not the same as eating one huge one 🙂
* Representative W.einer?  A dumbass.
* Looking forward to escaping to California’s more temperate climate and soon!  These 100 degree temps are no joke.  Thankfully we got rain last night and we’ve now cooled down to the 90’s.  Now watch – a heatwave will sweep Cali just in time for our trip.
* Lovegirl has really been lobbying hard for a DS, but I think I’m going to buy her a cheapo tablet instead – she’d be able to do so much more with it.  I’ve heard CVS has a decent one for $99.   Anybody have one that’s not an iPad?  Whaddya think?

That’s it.  I’ve got to get back to work.  Oh yeah, don’t forget we’re discussing Miss Black America on Monday.  It’s a really quick read.  I started it Monday and finished it yesterday on my lunch hour.  So get down on it if you haven’t already!  Have a great day!


So cute! So tasty! These are "overdone" according to the recipe. We couldn't tell...



24 thoughts on “It All Boils Down To This

  1. Lol at you being 20 or 60. You are crazy age ambiguous!
    I heard about the plauge of locusts . So are you getting hit by that too? That has to suck. Those things are huge.
    Yay for the job. Those sound like some great positives.
    Glad you liked the rolls. Did you have any trouble finding the tapioca flour?
    If you are going to spend $99, you may as well get her a DS!

    • Ma’am? Locusts would be a joy at this point in my life. There’s a not-so-subtle clue in the title. No trouble finding the flour at all. I was in Kroger and just happened to be on the “ethnic foods” aisle and there it was. I wasn’t even “looking” for it. All she can do on a DS is play games though right? With a tablet she can game, read, take pics/videos, watch movies…more bang for my hard earned buck!

  2. 20 or 60 is the kiddest answer ever! I love how they love to ask how old we are then get all shocked when we tell them. Or when we ask how old they think we are it’s something like that. About 7 years ago, this little girl said she thought I was 13. LOLOL That song gets me every time! Even though I pledged I most certainly don’t see that as the reason I get hype over that song! That Rep makes me LAAAAUGH!! Can you please PLEASE learn how to use social media??? You got caught up over fb and twitter??? FOR REAL??? I love that you love your new job and also, “I WANNA GO TO CALIFORNIA!!!”

    • These children are nuts. Okay??? You KNOW I can’t figure Twitter out (even though your tutorials were lovely) but even I know not to tweet special pictures. Geesh! Come, go with! All are welcome – as long as you’re willing to take your turn washing dishes.

  3. Aidan is lobbying for a tablet since I got the ipad and my Dad and my Brother got the Acer. He says it’s not fair that everyone has a tablet except him. Blah blah…woe is him. But I WILL be researching what TIH sent. There must be some things that DS can do that I don’t know about, particularly since I’ve never taken a minute to even look at it.

    And why does it feel like I haven’t seen you in ages? You look 60 now? Geez.

    I thought you started your new job at the end of this month, after you came back from Cali?

    When your old department calls, just say “no hable espanol”. That should take care of it.

    • I’m going to research the DS as well – she just loves my Touch so much, I figured a tablet would be better than a sole-purpose DS. But maybe the DS isn’t sole-purpose?? Get that little snaggle toothed boy a tablet! He looks so grown up!

      I wouldn’t say I look 60. Maybe 59. It has been a while. You should stay in town one weekend…

      Ma’am, when I say God works it out? He works it out! I wasn’t supposed to start until the end of the month, but because of our payroll transition, HR said I had to move on June 1 or July 1. I picked June 🙂

      I want to. But I can’t. Dammit.

      • “I want to. But I can’t. Dammit.”

        Yes you can! Yes you can! Type it with me now! Or, just don’t answer the phone. That always works for me…..well except when they chase me down. LOL

  4. I think I’ll try those mini muffins when my S/O’s daughter comes for the Summer. I have no idea how to entertain a 9 year old. So I guess I’ll let her cook! LOL 🙂

    I’ve started telling kids my real age when they ask. I like to see the WOW on their faces. I’ve covered most of my grey, so I’m not sure if it’s a good wow or a bad wow. But it’s funny none the less.

    I don’t even have a smart phone, so I know not-a-thing about tablets. 😦

    • Arts and crafts, movies, manicures, pedicures…that’ll take care of the first 25 or 30 minutes 🙂 I don’t know why, but I’m scared to dye my hair. Okay, I do know why. I think it’ll dry it out and my hair already sucks up moisture like there’s no tomorrow. My phone isn’t smart either! I’m really hoping TIH and Pserendipity will be back with recommendations…

  5. I just printed the recipe out for when the boys come next month.

    “Looking forward to escaping to California’s more temperate climate and soon! ” Me too but I won’t be in Southern Cali so I’ll escape any threats of potential heatwaves. I’m soooooo ready. 23 days left and counting. 😀

    • Girl we are in serious countdown mode around the Nerd household! I’m ret ta go! OAN: Go ahead and come out of hiding – I’m ready for your vlog. I think… 🙂

  6. I’m making those cheese puffs this weekend. Happy to hear that you are liking the new gig! The Weiner mess is just ridiculous. And I even heard this morning on the radio that his wife may be pregnant. **smh**

    • Hope you like them. I’m going to try a sharper cheese next time. I think I used colby/jack and parmesan because that’s what I had on hand – I’m thinking a sharp cheddar would’ve been nice. I’m going to make a few with blue cheese next go ’round too – if it works, I will be in cheesy goodness heaven!

  7. Please dont get that tablet from CVS. Mommy saw it , said hey that sounds interesting. She went and bought it one sunday morning. She told me to play with it and teach her how to use it . I played with for a bit- realize this thing doesnt work. The touchscreen did not work at all – as in I would press j and q would pop up on the screen. Finally I just told her to go get her money back.

    I think that for lovegirl the DS would be great( and it may even entertain you too lol). Or could you just get her a used ipod touch?

    • Shoot! I was afraid that would be the case. I guess a decent $99 tablet was too much to ask for. Now I’m really leaning toward a iPod Touch for the wee one – I’ve been scoping them out on eBay.

  8. Thanks! I hope everything has calmed down around your spot. This time next week I hope to be recovering from a fun filled night with the fam on the Santa Monica Pier. I am downright giddy with excitement! I’m even looking forward to June Gloom 🙂

  9. No thoughts on the tablet. I heard someone talking about that particular one not working (the screen) though. Good luck with whatever you decide. Alex is asking for a Kinect……we’re not going there.

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