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Operation Dress a Nerd

Hey now! 

One of my parents – okay, it was my Mom – decided that since we’ll all be home in the first time since forever, we should capture the moment.  So she’s going to have one of her photographer friends come to the house and capture us on film SD card.  We’re all wearing blue and/or white.

About that…I don’t wear a lot of  blue.  Or white.  Or blue and white for that matter.  And I don’t really want to buy anything new.  Okay, that’s not totally true.  I casually looked around for something new and blue, but nothing caught my eye.  And I’ve vowed that I’m only buying new stuff that I really, really like.  No more “this will do” buying.  So I’m going to stick with my “uniform” of cardigan, tank, and jeans.  I have two cardigans that are blue.  One’s a navy and white stripe and one is blue…ish.  Surprisingly (or not so much) both are from Target.

So, what I’m going to do is post both pictures.  And you, dear trusted reader, are hopefully going to help me out by choosing which one I should wear.  Feel free to throw in any accessory suggestions.  I was thinking yellow, but now realize yellow won’t work with the softer blue cardigan.  Okay, you’ve got your mission – get down on it.  If you don’t like either cardigan…pretend like you do ’cause they’re all I’ve got 🙂 

One more thing…I wear my cardigans open or buttoned at the middle – not all buttoned up to my gullet.  Whatever that is.

Let's call this option one.


And because I'm all kinds of clever, this one shall be called option two.

Thanks in advance.  Have a marvelous weekend!

16 thoughts on “Operation Dress a Nerd

  1. She said not all buttoned up to my gullet!! I can’t, y’all! I just can’t! I’m going with option 2. I’d like to see a wider stripe but I’ll take this one. Wear it open. White shirt underneath.

  2. i like option one, with a pair of white linen slacks with silver accessories – hoops and a long necklace and some bracelets…you’ll need a tank under the cardigan.
    that’s my suggestion…

  3. I like both but option one a little more. I could see both working with white pants (jeans would be my preference). For option one, I would accessorize with some of the bauble type jewelry. For option two, I would accessorize with the jewelry nylse recommended above.

  4. Fine if you just WON’T buy something new, then I pick option 2. As to what to wear it with, I can’t help you with that. i am dressing impared too. Listen to everyone else.

  5. I like option #1 a tad better because of the ruffle-y front. If you’re wearing it open, consider trying a skinny belt around the cardi. Yes to white jeans or linen pants and I’d accessorize with silver or a pop of color, but not sure which. Yellow *could possibly* work but I’d have to see.

  6. I can’t offer any fashion advice, but I do like the frilliness of #1 a little more than I like #2. Listen to the fashionistas about jewelry and stuff.

  7. For pictures that will be around 4ever..I like cutesy. So I would wear option 1. Option 2 is nice and sporty, so if everyone else is going to be sporty then choose 2. White linen pants or skirt (ahem) with #1, white jeans or skirt with #2. I love silver jewelry. With #1 a simple silver necklace or chocker. Don’t want to take away from the ruffles. You can wear chunky bracelets and large earrings depending on if your locs are up or down.

    With option #2 you can wear it open with a yellow tank underneath. You can still wear some chunky jewelry around the neck and on the wrists.

  8. I like option one even though its more of a gray color. White linen pants / capris please. Silver jewelry would be great too

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