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Hey Y’all!

Welcome to my first, and probably last, vlog!  Do I sound the way you thought I would???


60 thoughts on “Hey Y’all!

  1. ROTFL! HEEEEY JOHN BROWN! How you doin? Your California folk would be CRYING if they heard the start of this post! You sounded straight Southern! It was cute! Made me giggle. Tell P to quit being so rude. You know you just made me jealous hanging out and such. Ugh. Don’t eat any cupcakes and we’ll be okay. You regained your Caliness with the word pronunciation, though! Your three words were so cute and sweet! Have fun!!!

  2. You enunciate your words just like I did Cali girl! I can tell you’re from here based on that!! You are more proper than I am but that’s the ghetto acting girl in me LOL! We both said roof how a dog would bark ruff! LOLOLOL! And T.P. ing, I liked this game!

    • I only say roof (like spoof) when I’m chanting “the roof, the roof, the roof is on fire…” I have no explanation for why I still chant that on occasion 😛

    • It was fun – I tried to do it at work, but was so nervous that I looked – and sounded – like a runaway slave! When I watched it for the first time, the doorbell startled me too! o_0.

  3. Nope you sound how I thought you would! I need to reintroduce my blog to the blogger world AND do a vlog! lol

  4. Hey there!! You sound like I thought you would. And your hair is looking lovely. Yeah! So glad you did a vlog. I love “meeting” my fellow bloggers.

    P.S. It’s a buggy!!!!!! And what’s a ruf? Lol! It’s roooooooof!

    • Thanks much! I think I’ve got the curls down pat – looking for a new ‘do!

      Cart. Definitely a cart! I can’t believe I say ruf!!! But I dooooooooo! LOL!

  5. I keep forgetting you are from Cali so I was totally expecting a country accent!!!

    Great video. Have fun at home.

    • Thanks! I think you’re right – Claremont is definitely a different sound – I don’t sound anything like my south central cousins – they have a little more twist in their voices. I can’t explain it, but it’s definitely there!

  6. LOL, this was super cute and funny, and I love your hair! You actually do sound like I imagined. Have a safe and fun trip!

  7. You were not what i expected…i expected a “nerd”!!!
    your hair looks lovely..
    and i can hear that proper california way of speaking…
    nice meeting you…
    btw the thing you put your groceries in is a trolley!

    • Whoo hoo! I can’t wait to tell my brothers I’m shaking my nerd status off 🙂
      Thank you!
      A trolley? Get out! That sounds British or something – is it??

  8. I didn’t really have an pre-conceived idea of how you’d sound. I don’t know how Californians sound…except for like Snoop Dog, and he sounds kind of Southern to me.

    I was so distracted by your hair! It’s absolutely fantastic!

  9. You don’t sound like I thought you would!

    I laughed when you said “roof”. I used to babysit some kids from NYC who teased me because (they claimed) I pronounced it “ruff.” And I died when you said “I’ll be John Browned”. I first heard that expression in college and thought it was the funniest thing. But what does it mean exactly? Is it a reference to the failed slave revolt led by John Brown in Harper’s Ferry VA? He got ratted out by some other slaves and eventually hung and turned into grease I believe! Is that it?

    • I think the only person’s voice that “surprised” me was Serenity30. Totally not what I expected!

      I have no clue what it means – I thought it was old people’s way of “not” cussing! Turned into grease?? Really? I need to revisit that story!

  10. I thought that you would have a Southern accent. LOL. Why?? I don’t know. I did remember that you are from Cali. Stupid me……

    Love your locs!!!!! I’m having a hard time getting mine to be that curly. What’s the secret? lol

    • Thanks! Best/longest lasting results – roll freshly washed locs on pipe cleaners and let them dry ALL night/day/night long. Sometimes I’ll wash/roll on Saturday night and not take the pipe cleaners out until Monday morning. Second best results – spritz your dry locs with some water, run a little setting foam through, roll ’em up, respritz and let set overnight. They curl up just as well, but the curls don’t last as long. Good luck!!

  11. I too thought you would have a southern accent. I love these vlog’s, they make you ladies so real, lol! Love your hair, you do not look like a nerd!

  12. Ooh, your hair is nice! (You almost make me reconsider my big chop.) You sound Southern to me, but most Cali folks seem to have a twang to my ears. Now I want to do the accent challenge…if I could figure out how to record and upload a video, I would.

    • Thanks! I didn’t realize you’d cut yours! When did that happen? Every once in a while I think of going loose, but I’m skerred!

      Girl, record that video, upload it to YouTube and link it! Hope to “see” you soon!

  13. You sound exactly like I thought you would. No, really. And give it up. You know it’s a BUGGY you high falutant California girl!!!

  14. “I’ll be John Brown” NEVER heard that before but it was TOO cute! Love it! Lol. You do sound very southern. I never would have guessed you were from Cali. I say Soda also and I’m from the midwest. Lol.

  15. Your hair is freakin’ amazing. I’m 8 weeks into my loc journey. I barely heard your words cuz I was staring at your hair. But you do have a slight Southern accent. I would’ve guessed that you were originally a Northerner instead of from Cali. How the heck did you get to MS????

    • Thank you! You will be amazed at how quickly your hair will grow and change! I miss my short “babies” but am really enjoying this length too.

      Girl, my husband and I met in college. He’s from here, and when we decided to get married we figured MS would be a better place to start…and 12 years later, we’re still here!

  16. Bwahaha! I’m loving these dang things. Yes ma’am, you sound exactly like I thought – a Cali girl with lots of Southern lady mixed it.
    I haven’t heard anyone say “I’ll be John Brown” in forever!!!!
    A buggy??????

  17. You actually sound exactly like I thought you would, which is hilarious. All the words you said sound fine to me, except Mayonaisse. That was extra country and you know it. LOL!

    Also, it’s pop, not soda. #MidwestStandUp

    I should do this with a bag over my head. I don’t want to have my face on video or the blog. That might distort my voice though. Hmm…

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