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Monday Morning Randoms

  • What up Bloglandians?  How ever have you been?  Your responses to my vlog were hilarious!!  I think I sound like a proper Southerner and am glad that I don’t sound like Snoop Dog!
  • Had a ball in California!  I may or may not have tried to eat my way through the southland.  My new favorite spot is King Taco over on Pico.  Oh em gee!  Their tacos and salsa verde are to die for!  I visited my old favorites as well – Taco Nazo and In-N-Out.  Delish!
  • Celebrity sightings: we saw R.yan Se.acrest filming (a commercial?) at the La Brea Tar Pits.  And my middle brother saw Nic.olas Ca.ge at a sushi joint he ducked into while the rest of us were discussing an…interesting exhibit at MOCA.
  • I thought I’d come back with  horrible tales of my sister in law, but I must confess – everything went well.  I think she thinks we’re crazy as hell, but since I can’t really disagree with her on that one…
  • My new niece is an absolute doll!  Such a sweet baby – almost makes me want another.  Almost being the operative word.
  • My Grandma was so happy and surprised to see all of us – she was at Lucky Strike bowling alley and we all strolled in and surprised her – pretty freaking awesome.
  • I’m amazed that my cousins – and one uncle – couldn’t be bothered to show up for any of the weekend birthday festivities.  Amazed.  They live 2 hours away at most (most are less than 30 minutes away) and didn’t show up.  Losers.
  • My Mom and I did try to water marble our nails – fail!  I guess it was the polishes we were using – none of them were quite right.  We did get a very pale blue/very pale gold combination to work – but not very well, so we ended up scrapping the whole project.  I may try again when I’ve got another inordinate stretch of time on my hands.
  • Smoochy decided to have the carpet cleaned while we were gone – yay!  He decided to do it on Thursday – as we were on our way home so we stepped into a house full of wet carpet and beds piled up to forever with junk – boo!
  • Since everything was piled on the beds, I seized the opportunity to throw out a bunch of stuff – yay!
  • Wanna see some of the family pics we took?  Behold:

My wonderful, blessed parents

I LOVE these dudes! Birth order: 3, 1, 4, 2

Everybody 🙂 Except Smoochy 😦

The real us 🙂























My Grandma is hilarious! After church she was like "I'mma stay dressed for about 10 minutes so y'all can take some pictures. Then this wig and these clothes are coming off. If you want pictures of that too, I don't care!"















Have a marvelous Monday!!!


15 thoughts on “Monday Morning Randoms

  1. Sounds awesome! I really wish you sounded like Snoop tho… That pic of the real you guys is so my fave!! I would say if you don’t give me reproductive advice, I won’t give you any but… I need a new blog pregnant person who is not myself!! How do you not mention how tall your brother is? No for real, how tall is that dude????? My Mississippi family sees each other the same amount as I do and they’re what? All in MS. Including my grandma. Failures at life. Yay throwing stuff out! This wedding inspired my mom, sister & I so we did the same! Fooooood. Also, don’t ever leave us for that long again. THAAAAAAAANKS!!

  2. Love, love, love the pics! And brother #2’s locs are magnificent! OMG! Yes, I’m becoming a loc whore. So what?
    I did some purging over the weekend while Mister was in Miami. It feels good to get rid of stuff. So refreshing!

    Who took the photos? And what kind of camera? Cuz those photos are that DEAL!

  3. The pics are all so beautiful! I especially love the pic with you, LG, and your grandmother; what a blessing. 🙂 I’m glad y’all had a great time out in Cali.

  4. Everyone in your family looks alike (and is tall)!You can definitely tell you’re all related. I’m cracking up at your grandmother.

  5. AR Gal – thank you! You already know – you couldn’t tell her anything!
    OFP – thanks! I bought some white capris, but ended up returning them. I just couldn’t do it 🙂
    K. Rock – really? I never thought that. I’ve always thought I looked like no one. Maybe I’m not adopted after all…
    Jameil – I’ll work on my Snoop drawl just for you! Which brother do you mean? LOL! The tallest is 6’10. The wee one is around 5’8.
    Say It – They are pretty amazing – and his are soooo soft. Mine are so crunchy – I have no clue why. I’m throwing out more stuff this week 🙂 My Mom’s friend – and my highschool A&P teacher – Doc Walker took the pics. I have no clue what he used. Except that it was fancy and expensive looking!
    T – Thanks. I’m so glad we went home – at one point I was considering not going. Dumb me.
    Kim – thank you!
    Innerdiva – really? Maybe we’re starting to morph as we age, because I promise I don’t think we resemble at all. I’m going to tell my short brother and mother you said they’re tall – they’ll be so excited! 🙂

  6. 1) love the locs
    2) 6’10 – goodness thats tall.
    3) Love the parentals and the granny. GREAT looking people
    4) glad you had a good time 😀

  7. i love all of the pics! Beautiful family! and you haven’t lived until you’ve been to Titos Tacos and/or Ramonas! lol

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