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Friday Five

It’s the weekend baby!  Well, almost.  And that’s good enough for me!  What am I excited about as we go into the holiday weekend?  Well, I’m so glad you asked…

1.  One of my favorite bloggers is getting married today!  Many, many congratulations and blessings to Jameil and Rashan as they begin this next chapter of their lives together!!!

2.  Um, hello…it’s a holiday weekend! I love extended weekends/short work weeks.  Thank you Lord!  We usually get together with Smoochy’s family on his Mom’s side.  I haven’t heard anything, but no worries – I’ve got a back up plan which includes movies, fireworks, popsicles and a children’s festival if the family get together is a bust.

3.  JCPenney.  Yep, Penney’s.  Everytime I start to despair about the lack of blouses in my wardrobe, I remember to check them out and they do not disappoint.  They’ve always got a few cute blouses that I can pick up on the cheap.  And they’ve started stocking their tall pants in the store.  Goal!

4.  I think I’m going to finally join the masses and get a smartphone.  I am one of the few people on planet earth with a phone that’s not so bright.  V.erizon is ending it’s unlimited data plan and Smoochy wants me to get on the plan before it expires – on the 7th I think.  So I’ve been going back and forth.  iPhone or Droid?  I’d pretty much decided on a Droid, but just realized that I won’t be able to play my iTunes music on a Droid phone.  And a nerd needs her music.  So…I’m probably getting an iPhone this weekend.  Yay.  I guess.  Truth be told, I’d be cool staying with a phone that gets calls and can send texts.  I’m pretty basic.  Hmmm, maybe I’m not excited about this one after all…

5.  Ice hockey.  Okay, not really.  But with the alleged NFL and NBA lockouts looming, a girl’s gotta find another sport to cheer.  Ice hockey for the win!

Have a great weekend y’all.  Stay safe.  I’ll holla!



7 thoughts on “Friday Five

  1. 1. Why do they expect anybody to really work on a Friday before a holiday? We are all here just looking at each other look at the clock. HA!

    2. I am really enjoying my Pink Crisp apple, it is soooo delicious. I hope that the whole office can’t hear me putting a smack down on this apple.

    3. No NFL…NO PEACE. I’m ready to start the protest march.

    4. I think I smell smoke in the office. I think that someone should pull the fire alarm right around 12:30.

    5. And last but not least…I think you and I are the last people in civilization that don’t have a Smart phone. Mine is quite dumb, it just starts calling random people in my contact list. I forgot about Verizon ending unlimited data soon. Guess I’ll be going to the Verizon store too this weekend. I really would rather spend the money on shoes. *sigh*

  2. Your weekend plans sound great! I have none…maybe that will allow me to come and go as I please, hmmm…lol.

    You’ll love the iPhone. It really user friendly and won’t take long to become accustomed to it.

    I feel ya on the new sport to cheer on. I’m rather tired of the rich ppl fighting over all their money. *yawn*

    Have a great weekend!

  3. I’m so happy for J & R! Hope they have a fantastic day!
    I’ll be working the folks at T-Mobile this weekend. The blackberry and I have come to the end of the road and I’ve got to let it go. Not sure what direction I’m going in, but I must have buttons.
    This NFL nonsense is making me ill. No football in the fall disturbs me greatly. I’ll miss the NBA too, but not as much as football. Ice hockey? I can’t sit through an entire match.
    Have a great weekend!

  4. Get an iPhone. You won’t regret it. I had a lame clam-shell non-smart phone for the longest and when I got an iPhone, it was the best move ever and totally changed my life. There is a reason people say things like, “Get a Droid. It’s just as good as the iPhone.” The iPhone is the phone by which all other phones are compared. It’s the best smart phone.

  5. I only recently got on the smart phone band wagaon and it was only becuase I won that ipad and wanted something I could connect it to (a smart phone w/hot spot access)….then I find out the hotspot service is an additional $30 per month! and that in addition to the data service for my phone. Anyway, enjoy. Oh, and I got a Droid but the iphone seems easier to use.

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