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Grouchy Arse Randoms

  • Ugh!  Why are all these children on the radio singing about s.ex and how they throw down???  Either we’re doing it wrong, or they’re lying.  They’re lying.
  • I don’t want to hear another thing about the A.nthony verdict.  Nada.
  • Guess what we’re having tomorrow at work?  A potluck.  Sigh.  Don’t these people read the blog?
  • Lovegirl has been one whiny, complaining chick lately.  My Mom says it’s because I give her too many choices.  Well, damn.  I thought I was teaching her how to make decisions.  Time to revisit that parenting strategy.
  • My locs are dry.  Dry and crunchy.  I’ve taken to misting them daily with water, then oil, then water in the hopes that they’ll maintain some moisture and soften up. 

Okay, I promised myself five gripes and then I’d quit, so I’m done.  Anything you want to whine, gripe, or grouse about?  Today’s your day…let it out!


11 thoughts on “Grouchy Arse Randoms

  1. 1) I’ve been going to physical therapy for the past month+. Yesterday, I fell during the session. So all the progress I’ve made, it’s all gone. And my body feels like I was in a car crash.
    2) My boss started sending emails at 7AM for a 10AM presentation that he was sent last night at 8PM. He didn’t look at it until this morning then had a ton of changes *sigh*. It was a very stressful morning.
    3) I am heading to Florida to watch Atlantis launch. Except now, it seems there may be weather delays.
    4) I missed breakfast so decided to swing past McD’s for a chicken biscuit. I arrived at 10:34 which is actually lunch time. I left empty handed so am now hungry, in pain, and pissed off. Wowsers!
    5) I need to wash my hair tonight. But with the sore arm from yesterday’s fall, I’m not really sure how that’s gonna happen. Guess I’ll just rock the straight/curly puff for a while.

  2. I never listen to urban radio b/c of this. So annoying. OMG I’M SICK OF THE ANTHONY VERDICT!!! I hid some people and deleted others b/c they WOULD NOT SHUT UP!!! Were you in the courtroom? Or did you decide she was guilty b/c you just know she is? I don’t want another person to talk to me about not being invited to my wedding. It’s over. Your whining and chastising won’t make it not so. Also, if I have talked to you once or less in the last 5 years, you weren’t going to be invited. Seriously? Why did that need to be said?

  3. I wish to heaven that my ex husband would pay child support on time, alimony at all and arrears! I hate when people try to tell me how I should feel and why. My hair is crunchy too! I want to hurl my dang computer at the wall because it keeps messing up! That’s all!

  4. The Radio is trash and so are the five “artists” they play over and over.

    1. An older colleague came by my office today to offer “mentoring” advice because he didn’t like the way I disagreed with him in a meeting yesterday…I had to work really hard at not going the off.
    2. I haven’t washed dishes in 2 days, and I really wish Alyssa was home to do it…I’d rather scrub toilets than wash dishes.
    3. I feel fat and bloated and I can’t stop drinking water, which means I can’t stop running to the bathroom…ugh.
    4. My office is constantly freezing and the space heater I have to keep me warm is dries out one side of my hair…freeze or have dry hair..I don’t want either.

  5. *Listening to the radio is an effort in futility. And I refuse to “pay” for satellite radio. I’m so sick of paying for things I don’t really like.
    *I’m from Cleveland, OH. There is a major trial going on right now that no one is really paying any attention to. Anthony Sowell is accused to murdering 11 women and raping more. It isn’t national news. But everybody wants to worry and fuss over Casey Anthony. I’m thinking maybe the jury is right and let’s leave it alone? Folks should be reminded that the media does not enforce or reflect the law. Duh.
    *All 17 year olds are assholes. Including mine. Yep, I said it, and I’m sticking to it. They just are.
    *My hair could fall off my head and I’d barely notice it. Hey, then it would be one less thing for me to fuss with.
    *Everyone is on holiday vacation in my office. Except me. I’m feeling very passive-aggressive today. Which explains why I’m reading blogs at work.

    Feeln Better!

  6. I wish I would get over my obsession with my lawn. I have tried everything to get every single weeds out and yet some remain.
    I wish the weeds in the lawn would DIE!!! I want a golf course looking lawn.
    I’m at a very selfish stage in life. I’m not sure that’s a gripe.

    I drive my loctician ( my cousin) crazy with the products I use on my hair. My hair is very dry, but my locs are soft. After I wash my hair I put Carol’s Daughter Healthy Hair Butter from root to tip on each loc, I also use Qhemet Biologics Hair Cream and then I plat 3 together or use the flexi rods and then sit under the dryer for as long as I can take it. When my hair is dry my locs are soft and supple. My cousin says that I am weighing my locs down with too much oil. Yeah..yeah..too bad, at least they are soft and bouncy and feel really good until the next time I wash.

  7. I’m mentally exhausted, I’m stressed (I can feel it all in my neck and shoulders), the dye I put on my hair a few days ago did NOT work (I can’t go out like this THIS soon!), I’m super duper tired of dating, and I just want to be left alone for a few hours.

    Thank you!

  8. The freeway is killing my car! Since I started my new commute I have had two flat tires! One nail, one screw two not in the budget expensive new tires!

    They keep the office a chilly 60-65 degrees. I have a space heater that warms my legs but other wise I am freezing everyday all day and I hate it!

    I knew those nosy… not my coworkers at work would begin to get on my nerves. I know this is SO wrong to say but *whispers I hate working with/by black women*

    I’m so bummed that I didn’t/ couldn’t take a vacation this week…

  9. Fridays should be paid non-work holidays

    I need a proper vacation but don’t wantto charge one *sigh*

    Messy people get on my first and last nerves! Sit down somewhere and shut the heck up

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