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Just Waking Up In the Morning, Gotta Thank God…

All right good peoples!  The other day we griped, we groaned, we whined – I hope everyone is feeling better and that the issues that were weighing you down earlier in the week have been resolved – or are on their way to resolution. Let’s go into the weekend with thankful hearts and grateful sprits.  I’m thankful for…

  • My future sister-in-law hipping me to “ring finger manicures.”  My ring fingers got a coat of copper glitter on top of my “Chocolate Moose” manicure – love it!
  • The “torcher” shaved ice I had yesterday – hot/cool cinnamon-y goodness!
  • Knocking out 1/2 of Lovegirl’s school supply list yesterday.
  • Being able to wear jeans today – it freakin’ rocks!
  • My iPhone.  Oh yeah, I love it.
  • Smoochy keeping me in a steady supply of watermelon this summer.  The one he bought yesterday is de.lic.ious.
  • My blog buddies – y’all are awesome. 
  • White nectarines.  Man oh man are they fantastic!!!  I can’t remember who mentioned them – KRock or MrsTDJ I think – but thank you ma’am!
  • God’s mercies – new every morning.  Every morning y’all!

Okay – gimme what you got! 



9 thoughts on “Just Waking Up In the Morning, Gotta Thank God…

  1. You knocked out half a school supply list? Does somebody have a good sale? I need to get on Buddha’s!
    I’m thankful for a jean day as well. So much less to think about getting dressed today.
    I’m thankful for forgiveness.
    I’m thankful for this awesome water bottle Mister bought me. I feel SO much better these days.
    I’m thankful that I have a job to pay the bills that I have. All of them. On time. Well, except for that pesky student loan, but yeah…….hee hee.

    • I didn’t catch any sales – I just bought the stuff cause I was in the mood. Walgreens has some good prices as does Kroger…hindsight 🙂

  2. Being married for a week to a man I am head over heels for! Him being off at 530 and for the rest of the weekend!! AND on Wednesday!! Going to the movies today! The job I KNOW God has waiting for me that I’m gonna LOVE!!

  3. **I’m thankful for a new, exciting, challenging job at a place that seems to be full of people who really enjoy what they do. I also am excited about how well run it seems to be so far…organization and order bring me JOY. I’m also thankful for your job testimony as it encouraged me while I was interviewing, and waiting, and praying, and searching.
    **I’m thankful for a super comfy bed. Thank you featherbed!
    **I’m thankful for good health. I realize that even with the issues I’ve been having lately, I am still very healthy. TYJ!
    **I’m thankful for a weekend with nothing pressing or urgent to do, and nowhere I HAVE to go. 😀

    Speaking of weekends, have a great one!

  4. I’m thankful that God continues to bless me and my little family! I’m grateful for the little winning streak I seem to be on. I’m happy that my son is well behaved and the epitome of cuteness. I’m thankful that my husband is off all summer and can be hands on with Daddy duty, hubby duty, and chauffeur duty (since he’s too scared to let me drive).

  5. YAY!! Yep, twas I. Happy that you have discovered the goodness that come to us as white nectarines!! They are my summer time go to fruit!!

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