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Road Trip!

I have no idea why, but this weekend found me reminiscing about a road trip I took my freshman year of college…

Picture it.  Pine Bluff, AR, Spring ’90.  My cousins, a couple of friends, and I decided to roll out to Grambling for their annual Spring Fest.  We gassed up somebody’s hoop ride and hit the road – singing along to our En Vogue and Soul II Soul cassettes all the way there.  Oh yeah, I said cassettes!

Man, I had a ball!  We went to step shows, hung out on the yard, I had crawfish for the first time, went to my first drive thru daiquiri bar, and made out with some Que whose name was probably Freaky Deaky (are all Ques named Freaky Deaky??) in the back of some pick up truck we were being chauffered around in.

Special shout out to my parents for encouraging me to go away to college…

Good times man, good times!  Any road trips that leave you with a big grin on your face when you think about them?

*Every Monday?  I’ll be posting my weight.  I’ve got to lose at least 10 11.4 pounds and then tighten up what’s left. All the fabulous Bloglandians who are doing amazing things like running, walking, biking – sometimes all three – have motivated me to be about it – for real!!!  Today:  171.4


6 thoughts on “Road Trip!

  1. LOL!! Um yea…why is every Que got ‘Freaky’ in their name? SMH! LOL. The road trip I took w/ my girls from DC to NY(yea it wasn’t far but still) will ALWAYS make me blush and crack up laughing. Ohh the things my lil 20 year old self did which I had NO business doing. LOL

  2. Oh goodness yes! I’ll never forget one of the times we drove to St. Louis for the Gateway Classic. We started off in two cars but ended up in one (a Ford Festiva) because the other chicks car broke down on the interstate. We were packed in that thing like vienna sausages but had THE best time.

  3. Road trips? Honey, 2004 was one complete road trip. Vegas three times, Bakersfield, CA; Circle City Classic; Miami & South Beach.

    Never messed around with a Que though. They tried to get me to drink that damn punch but I wasn’t falling for it. There’s something to be said about a beverage that ONLY the women are drinking. Mama didn’t raise no fool!

  4. Ha ha! Good times. I love it! And yes, I think everyone knows at least one Q named Freaky Deaky! *lol*
    One of my most memorable college road trips was when 5 of my girlfriends came up from VA to spend the weekend with me in DC. Whew lawd! Fun times indeed!

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