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It’s Been a Long Time

…since I was tagged! 

Shout out to sayitlikethis (thank you ma’am!) for providing me with a post today ’cause my blog mojo seems to have taken a break for the summer.  Shall we begin?

List 7 random things about yourself, pass the award to bloggers
and answer a couple of questions.
7 Random things about me…(what don’t y’all already know???)
1.  Today my fingernails and toenails match.  I don’t think that’s happened since the mid-80’s.
2.  I very recently decided to stop wearing hoop earrings all the time.  Who knew there were so many cute earrings out there?
3.  Sometimes I really envy irresponsible people.
4.  I’m slowly getting into Twitter (@nerdgirlms).
5.  I’ve tried many times – without success – to break out of my jeans and a tshirt rut.
6.  I often fall asleep before my six year old child o_O
7.  I’m over summer. 
Q&A session
Favorite Color: Currently?  Orange
Favorite Song (right now, anyhow):  Gospel – Something Big (Mary, Mary)  Secular –  Victim (Candy Staton)
Favorite Dessert: Ice cream
Biggest Pet Peeve: Rude drivers
When You are Upset, You: Organize closets
Your Favorite Pet: My dust bunnies
Black or white: Black
Biggest Fear: Rodents
Best Feature: My charming personality
Everyday Attitude: Extreme nonchalance
What Is Perfection: I’ve never seen it
Guilty Pleasure(s): Real Housewives of Atlanta, Sleep, Giant SweetTarts
If you haven’t already done this one, consider yourself tagged 🙂

5 thoughts on “It’s Been a Long Time

  1. LOL @ extreme nonchalance. I do enjoy that about you. I shouldn’t be surprised but BEFORE Lovegirl??? My goodness. Also, I knew there were that many good earrings out there!

    • Only God can judge me – though I do realize I am no longer in the running for parent of the year 🙂 I feel as though a whole new world of accessorizing has been opened up to me!

  2. Have you ever been to Charming Charlie? Babsinblogland and pserendipity were talking about it. I looked them up and they have NICE accessories. Luckily, one is coming to the mall near me! Woo-hoo!

    Yay for getting into Twitter. It’s awesome. Apply some pressure to MrsTDJ so she can join.

    I envy irresponsible people. I wish my conscience would allow me to do half the stuff they do.

    Giant Sweet Tarts? You & Buddha would be fast friends.

    • I LOVE Charming Charlie! I don’t go often because when I do, I lose my mind, but yes ma’am – they are fabulous. Consider yourself warned…


      I know, right?

      My kind of child! Lovegirl doesn’t like them…strange child, that one!

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