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August Book Club & Other Stuff

  • Anybody out there ready for another book club discussion?  If so, join us as we read and discuss Tananarive Due’s My Soul To Keep.  We’ll discuss on August 15.  Cool?  Cool.
  • If there’s something you want to read and discuss next, just let me know.
  • Did y’all see Serena’s assets at the Espy Awards?  Oh my damn.
  • Lovegirl finally got to start her swim lessons last night.  Evening thunderstorms resulted in her M, T, and W lessons being cancelled.  My little guppy was so excited to be in the water!  She even got over not wanting to get her face wet – we’re making strides!
  • Thank you Lord for swim caps.
  • I worked out at the gym three times this week and plan to get in another workout before the weekend is over.  I hope to see a difference on the scale – no matter how small.
  • Today I get my first bi-weekly paycheck.  I’d really, really like to go back to being paid once a month.  This 1/2 check madness aint hitting on…well, you know.
  • I’m ready for football.  NFL can act a fool as long as there are still college games I’m good!  I think we’re going to get JSU season tickets this year.
  • This whole debt-ceiling thing is really, really working my nerves.  I’d like to go to D.C. and do a clean sweep of the House and the Senate.  Democrat, Independent, Republican – they all suck.

Okay, that’s it.  I hope y’all have a great weekend.  I plan on doing a whole lotta nada.  Operation “get my hair back soft” is in full effect – I’m trying the Carol’s Daughter stuff One From Philly suggested in the comments a few weeks back – hope it works!

One more thing – y’all like these shoes?  Yea or nay?

Yea? Nay? What do you say?


12 thoughts on “August Book Club & Other Stuff

  1. Awwww! Guppy! 🙂 I need to see the back of those shoes before I can weigh in. The whole debt ceiling is also making me want to ogre smash!!! I’m like and all of you have to get your two cents in the media instead of TRYING TO WORK SOMETHING OUT!!! This is why so little’s been accomplished in the last year and I hate all of you for it. A bunch of babies. YES. Dems, Repubs, Independents, the whole lot of them. If you’ve said anything stank about a member of another party to the media, get out.

  2. Very cute shoes. Ah, swim caps. Times like this I love having a boy. Bi-weekly paycheck? I get paid every other week and I wish it was weekly. Or at least on the opposite week that Mister gets paid.

  3. I’m w/ you…I’d love nothing more than to see my Cowboys get it in this season…*sigh*
    I’ll definitely take NCAA football any day though too…I’m a HUGE Buckeye fan!!

    I get paid bi-weekly and LOVE it. My supervisor(b/c she’s salaried) gets paid 1x a month. I would have a minor heart attack if I had to go down to getting paid once a month. LOL

    Yayy to the shoes!

  4. Never been paid once a month, but I think I would hate it! *lol* But, if that’s all you know, maybe not?
    Oh goodie – I’ve already read that. I’ll try to participate this month.
    I want to swim so badly this summer. Little dude starts lessons next week and I’m jealous!
    Politics make me so weary!! Especially since we’re in the DC area, and get media overkill!
    The shoes are ok to me. How big is that bow thing in the back? I think we need another angle like Jameil said.
    Have a great weekend!!

  5. Ahhhh! I LOVE Tananarive Due! I have all of the blood colony books. Why haven’t they come out with the movie yet? WHY???
    Serena was killin’ ’em…made me feel inadequate as a woman. Just sad, lol.
    I need to get some swimming lessons myself.

  6. As a former university employee I totally feel you about this new bi-weekly stuff…it does takes some getting use to! I’m was use to being super uber rich at the beginning of the month LOL!

  7. FINALLY, I’ve found a book club. I guess I need to get up to speed with reading.

    I WISH I got paid once a month. I’m almost positive that’ll make things easier for me.

  8. Will pick up the book. I’m in on the book club. How will the discussion go? I’mma say Nay on the shoes. I always thought I would like to get paid once a month but it seems that your budgeting would have no room for error. No money for 30 whole days but the upside is you can pay everything at once. Six in one hand, half a dozen in the other!

    • Glad you’re going to join us! I generally write what I thought about the nook and then everyone posts their thoughts and opinions. Sometimes the discussions spans days, sometimes not. My book still hasn’t arrived – hopefully this weekend?

  9. Serena is definitely stunting on the entire world. It’s not a game. Yes on the shoes. I will make an attempt to get this book this weekend, so I can partake. I’m not going to make any promises though. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

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