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What Not To Do…

…if you notice that your not-quite-seven-year-old has breast buds.

Do not:

  • Yank up her shirt and palpate her chest;
  • Stare at her all weekend with watery eyes;
  • Tell your husband that he’s “got to do something about this NOW!”
  • Spend hours on the internet googling “precocious puberty.”
  • Pray to God that your grandmother’s large-bosomedness skips yet another generation.
  • Throw everything in the house containing soy away while cursing all forms of estrogen.
  • Scour your old photo albums trying to figure out when you started to develop.
  • Force Pserendipity to stare at your child’s chest in a church parking lot until she says she sees something.



28 thoughts on “What Not To Do…

  1. I barely have chest buds and I’m in the “declining” years. She didn’t get ’em from this side of the fam. Will you even know what to tell her about breasseses? LOL

  2. I cant imagine. Little girls growing up is something I am definitely dreading happening. Boobs? Uh uh. Next you will be having the period talk. UH UH. I am not looking forward to any of it!

  3. ||||||||||||||//////////////////__________________________________________________________________________________________

  4. Poor Love Girl! I got my first training bra around that age–I blame it on the hormones in all the fast food I ate (but then again my dad’s family is full of big breasted women so who really knows).

    • See…I’ve been wondering about that. Lovegirl didn’t have cow’s milk until she was 2 or 3 – we primarily use soy or almond milk at home. I guess it’s all full of stuff that’s not necessarily the best for us.

  5. All of the above steps is how I’d of handled it. Add: call the doctor and have him run a series of tests on her. Sigh. I’m not ready for puberty.

    Hugs and Mocha,

  6. My niece starting growing boobs at about 9 and I surely had some by 9 *sigh* by the time I was in 6th grade I wore C cup. I’m know I’m not ready for any of this with my own child. Thank the lord she’s a baby!

  7. My 7 year old niece is developing buds. My sister did many of the things on your list too!. She didn’t cut out milk but she switched to organic and she cut how much she eats chicken as well.

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