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Monday Randoms

  • Good morning, good morning, good morning!
  • My weight?  Right back up to 171.4.  I managed to gain back every single ounce of the weight I lost week before last.  😦  But, I’m not surprised.  Chick-Fil-A, Zaxby’s, IHOP, and Ding How Chinese Bistro all in one week…yeah, all the exercising I did was no match for my crizzappy diet last week.  Back in the saddle I go!
  • Project clean-up-the-house continued this weekend.  I ran across a desk nameplate that Smoochy bought me to celebrate my second real job after college.  Sweet huh?  Except for the fact that he bought it about 8 months before we got married and it had my maiden name on it.  I really and truly thought the man was trying to call it off.  Yeah, I flipped.  Oops.
  • Babs, if you’re reading this?  I howled when I read your comment on “Incognegro!”  I mean howled!
  • Signed Lovegirl up for another session of swim lessons.  Figured we’d better strike while the iron is hot.  Her being in the pool is also a built in guarantee that I’ll be working it out consistently in the gym for the next two weeks.
  • Speaking of fitness, a friend and I are doing the 100 pushup challenge again.  Join us?  Today’s day 1 – no catching up required 🙂
  • I’m cleaning up/planning to decorate (for real this time) in anticipation of starting a PhD program next fall.
  • I have been soaking my locs in coconut oil nightly to try and bring them back to life.  They feel better, not great, but much better.  I’m going to a loctitian the first week of August to have them professionally tightened, styled, and maybe even dyed.  I think I’m tiring of the gray.
  • I was irate yesterday while trying to get my oil changed at the local WMart. The manager and I had a long discussion – well, I discussed, he listened – and I got a $25 gift card for expressing my concerns. Yay!
  • I’ve decided after all of the horrid news over the weekend, I’m back on a news-viewing strike.  Y’all let me know if anything major happens this week…
  • Oh, if you’re participating in our next book club, go ahead and try and get your book ASAP.  This one wasn’t available electronically as far as I could tell nor was it at the library or local bookstore (Borders…) so I had to order it from Amazon.  I hope it gets here soon!

That’s it for today – I’ve got work to do this week and I hope to take Friday off to do some back-to-school running around sans Lovegirl.

Babs?  This is for you 🙂

Smoochy and Lovegirl. In the flesh. Kinda...


17 thoughts on “Monday Randoms

  1. Wal-Mart is the Taliban. Period.

    Buddha took two swim classes this summer. Wanted to sign him up for a third but he went to my parents’ house for the rest of the summer.

    I think this is the first pic I’ve ever seen of Smoochy.

    Random: Does Smoochy know you call him Smoochy on your blog? Do you call him that in real life?

      • Same page! I barely got to two push ups on the initial test. Good lawd, I felt so weak! LOL…

      • Please know – I’m definitely doing the girly pushups!!! I may throw in a full body every once in a while, but the majority will not be army regulation 🙂

  2. ROTFL @ you flipping over the name plate! Hilarious! I think I’m gonna join the push-ups challenge!! I might even try to strong arm Rashan into doing it, too! Amy Winehouse almost made me cry. I started thinking about how drugs rob people of so much and Rah’s dad and how b/c of drugs our kids will never know one of their grandfathers. Rah & I were both pretty pensive after we heard Saturday.

    • I may have been a wee bit emotional now that I look back on the situation. LOL! So, what’d y’all decide? Pushups for everybody!

      I have three first cousins – sisters – all three of them were pretty heavily involved in drugs for a long, long time, One died last December and while she’d cleaned up her act, I know that prolonged drug use was a factor in her death. The oldest is clean and the youngest one is still struggling – in her 40s. I don’t pretend to know what causes people to try drugs in the first place or to continue use until they’re addicted, but my cousins? Reason enough for me to not ever touch the stuff. I can’t imagine parenting a user. Have mercy.

  3. Soaking in coconut oil? How does that work? And is it working for you? My locks are crazy dry and I need something to give them life.
    I have been on a news strike for a while. If it weren’t for Twitter and FB, I would have even know about Norway until Monday when I hear the news on the car radio. I am always out of the loop. I didn’t even know the Prez mad a speech last night. Hope I didn’t miss anything important.

    • My hair looks a hot mess right now. I’ve been washing it every couple of days – deep conditioning at night, rinsing in the morning and saturating it with coconut oil and Carol’s Daughter Healthy Hair Butter. Every night, I saturate it again with the oil and sleep with a plastic bag on my head. Talk about sexy. I’m so glad Smoochy is on the road 🙂 I plan on keeping up with this routine for awhile.

      It’s better, but not great. I can definitely tell that it’s getting a little sheen back to it and it’s not nearly as scratchy on my neck as it was.

  4. I’m all in on the push up challenge girl! Not only must I start at week one, day one, level one, – I have to do the girly kind lol

    • I still haven’t figured out why she was mean muggin’ me! I feel like I need to give her a spanking on GP for that one! 🙂

      These ladies almost make me want to do a triathalon. Almost. But I have vowed to become a better swimmer because of things I’ve read around the ‘net.

  5. That is exactly why I never read the news. It seems like they aren’t interested in even reporting the good things that happen. Sigh.

    Walmart. -_- I only go there when I have to. I stick to smaller stores such as the Dollar Trees, Family Dollars, and Dollar Generals. And for anything major, I’m going to Target. Grocery – Winn Dixie. Yea, I have to do a lot of driving but I generally spend the same amount of time in the line at Walmart.

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