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Mine Was Cool. How Was Yours?

I had a lovely weekend.  I took Friday off to attend a ten minute program at Lovegirl’s summer camp.  They pledged allegiance to various things, counted in Swahili, displayed their knowledge of sign language, sang a few songs and recited the books of the Bible.  It was a nice program.  However.  I think if you’re going to ask parents to take off (not nearly enough parents were in attendance BTW), at least make the program a bit more…robust.  I wasn’t expecting an episode of Glee, but still…

After the program, I headed to the day spa to cash in my Mother’s Day gift.  Y’all.  I was kind of disappointed.  The manicure was definitely the best treatment I received that day.  The girl who did my pedicure chopped off waaay too much toenail and the massage therapist?  Well, maybe tall people make her nervous.  I’ve had better massages from Lovegirl.  I feel like a massage is successful if the masseuse has to wake me up and say “Ms. Nerd Girl, you sleep as long as you like, our session is over, no hurry.”  When I’m making out my grocery list in my mind and thinking “is my time up?” I consider that an unsuccessful massage.  I don’t mean to complain – it was a really sweet thought, I think I’ll just stick to doing my own nails and keep looking for a great local masseuse.

We spent Friday evening at swim lessons and then had a nice, leisurely meal with Pserendipity and Aidan.

Saturday we jumped up and headed to the splash park.  We met two other families there and when I tell you those kids had a ball, please believe me.  We were amazed that they were able to keep themselves thoroughly entertained for almost four hours.  Best $5 I’ve spent in a long time.  By the time we left everyone was three shades darker, tired and hungry.  We ended up eating at G.olden C.orral – hadn’t been there in years!  While not my first choice, the food was pretty good and everyone seemed satisfied.  I always appreciate a serve yourself soft-ice cream machine!  The other groups went shopping to take advantage of tax-free weekend.  We came home and went to sleep!

Sunday morning I woke up with a sore throat and was feeling kinda crappy.  So I doped up on day time meds and slept the day away.  I woke up and washed, deep conditioned and styled Lovegirl’s hair.  We laid around the rest of the day.

And that, was how I spent the 72 hours I had this weekend.  What’d you do with your time off?

Today’s weight: 171.8.  What the hay?  I’ve gained 4 ounces.  Definitely need to do a better job watching what I eat.

Though you cannot tell by the look on her face, she had a blast!

$35 later. They are much prouder of their services than I think they should be!

So...taking pictures in bathroom mirrors is not my strength! That spa robe felt damn good!!!


9 thoughts on “Mine Was Cool. How Was Yours?

  1. On Friday, we went to a baseball game with friends. I don’t think I’d ever been to one and I don’t really care about (for?) baseball. It was cool, mostly felt like hanging out with friends at a big park that served funnel cakes which = awesomeness. Left there and went to a bar where I proved that I need to be put to bed at 10pm. I was dead in the water by midnight…

    Recovery and cookout on Saturday. I brunched on Indian food on Sunday and visited with my friend, her husband and baby.

  2. Friday, was low key. I cleaned up while the nephews played video games. Later that day, we went shopping for a birthday present for one of said nephews and watched a movie\ate ice cream later that evening.

    Saturday, we took the boys back to M-town.

    Sunday, we rested, went to see Cowboys and Aliens and did a little grocery shopping for the week.

  3. A disappointing massage? That’s awful. There shouldn’t even be such a thing. It’s like when people say “Even bad pizza is good pizza.” I assure you, that is not true. I have had some bad pizza and it was straight-up bad. Sorry your massage didn’t rock your world. Everyone should walk out of a massage feeling looser and better! Otherwise, what’s the point.

  4. Sorry your spa sucked. I have only gotten one pedi, and never gotten a manicure or a massage. So the spa is definitely not in my immediate future.

    I love Golden Corral. Is it the best food..no. But I still love it. Their sald bar is great and I love the rolls.

  5. Ohhh that color on your nails is GORGEOUS!! My weekend was AMAZING. I unplugged from the matrix (google+, twitter, and FB) and went to KY to spend time w/ my family at our family reunion. I also went to TN to spend time with someone who is becoming a big part of my life. It was a great weekend and I was sad to see it go.

  6. You definitely need to tell the spa you weren’t pleased with your service. A gift is not a reason to accept that. ESP. if they’re so proud of themselves. I worked and hung out with Rashan. We had sushi Saturday night and I was a very happy camper!

  7. The weather has been pretty crazy here so there wasn’t much to do but remain indoors. Louisiana has the craziest weather ever. Needless to say, I was able to get some moving done and relax.

    • Ok, I just actually READ the most and noticed this was you in the bathroom taking pictures and not lovegirl. I must need more sleep. I hope you got a good laugh from this. LOL!

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