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WWYD? Money, Money, Money, Money!

Okay, so yesterday I posted about my not-so-great experience at the spa.  Don’t get me wrong, they were very nice, the atmosphere was relaxing and all that jazz, but their actual services.  Eh.

I didn’t tip.  Now before you send me back to finishing school, I had every intention of tipping – I just didn’t realize I couldn’t tip on my card – they only take cash or checks for tips.  I carry neither on a regular basis.  The lady at the desk said that it happens all the time and I could just bring the tip back.  Cool.  I thought I’d get by there on Saturday, but that didn’t happen.  So at some point this week I’ve got to roll back through there and leave tips for the ladies who worked on me.

My conundrum – how much should I tip?

I got a service menu before I left.  The manicure (good) was 35, the pedicure (felt great, jacked up my big toenails) was 55 and the massage (um, no…) was 65.

If you’d had an ‘eh’ experience how much would you tip each lady?


11 thoughts on “WWYD? Money, Money, Money, Money!

  1. Hmmm, If I’m being honest, I probably wouldn’t go back and tip for ‘eh’ service. And those prices are expensive, or maybe I’m spoiled in the midwest!

  2. If I didn’t have great service, I wouldn’t tip. Well,let me clarify. I tip servers 20% if they can just do their job. If they’re great, they’ll get 25%. That’s because I know they depend on tips based on what they receive as an hourly wage.

    Now, do spas adjust the employee’s hourly wage because they are expecting tips? If someone jacks up my eyebrows, I don’t tip. I gotta walk around like this until they grow back in. If the server jacks up the food, they’ll bring me something to eat or I can go home and find something. But when you’re jacking up my toes and hands, I’m a tainch more discriminating in tipping.

    I don’t want to reinforce bad behavior and have them thinking they did a great job (unless they did).

    So all that to say, tip for the manicure how you would tip for great service. If you feel the need to tip for the pedicure & massage, adjust it down to 5% or 10%. Or take your tip for the manicure and cut it in half for the pedicure since that was decent and then half the tip for the pedicure and leave that for the massage.

  3. I honestly would not go out of my way to tip for eh service. And if you have to go all the way back over there (even if it’s right next to your house/church/job), you need to say something to them about your service. ESPECIALLY at those prices. For $55, your toes need to be PERFECT.

  4. I would tip maybe 10% and as Jameil said, talk to the owner/manager and let them know that the services you received were not in line with your expectations. They’ll probably offer you free services. I’d go back (only on them) and let them show me their best side since they clearly didn’t do that before. It’s funny but you can get a different technician and have a night and day experience. If they have a good massage therapist or nail tech, hopefully they’ll give you to him/her next time.

    OR you could just walk away and never set foot in that joint again. lol…

    Oh, and the massage was inexpensive but those other prices are HIGH!

  5. I struggle with this a lot too. I didn’t get my feet done professionally for a long time because I was ALWAYS dissatisfied. I have a hard time NOT tipping, but when I comes to my feet I will let them know “um…you need to fix this” and if they don’t to my satisfaction, they’re lucky if they get 5 dollars. And $55 for a pedicure!!! OMG!!! Yeah, I’d be hot if they didn’t get them right. I don’t know that I’d go out of my way to go back and give them a tip. If you planned on using them again MAYBE.

  6. Say something about your service, first and foremost.
    For the good manicure, 15-20%. For the great pedicure, 20% and for the massage, 10%.

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