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WWYD – Slap a Hoe Edition

Big ups to TIH for prompting today’s blog entry!

So.  Y’all remember I’m in a relatively new gig – I have an office and errythang!  A girl I used to work with in Hell left Hell and works in the same department that I do.  She’s young – 25 I think – and very, very playful.  Okay, whatever.

My mother calls me every morning on her way to work and we have our daily chat.  My coworker has somehow figured this out and now comes in my office – uninvited – and will hit the speaker button on the phone and just start talking to my mom.  I’ve asked her to stop, but obviously she thinks it’s cute and hasn’t.

Fast forward to yesterday.  I asked her to take a picture of me so that Jameil, TIH, Psonya, KRock, Barista, and my brother could leave me the hell alone I could have a profile picture on Twitter.  She obliges.  But she doesn’t give me my phone back.  Instead I see her tap, tap, tapping away.  I was like “what are you doing?”  “Nothing, giggle, giggle.”  I put on my best angry woman face and tell her to give me my phone.  She does.  After she’s sent Smoochy some sexy texts from “me.”  I didn’t even know the girl sent the texts until Smoochy called me and asked who was playing on my phone – my husband knows me well y’all.

I called her back into my office and told her not to do that any more, I didn’t appreciate it, yada yada yada.  She didn’t seem the least bit fazed but said “okay.”

Obviously I won’t ask her to take any more pictures of me using my phone.  I certainly won’t leave my phone unattended.  What else, if anything, should I do?  I’m the NKOTB, enjoy where I am and don’t want to rock the proverbial boat.  Everyone knows she’s playful and they just kind of dismiss her in a “Oh, that Vickie…” kind of way.

What y’all got for me on this one? And don’t tell me to hit her.  That’s not happening.  No matter how deeply rooted the desire may be!





21 thoughts on “WWYD – Slap a Hoe Edition

  1. Whoa. I would have a serious sit-down with her. Tell her that I have a few ground rules regarding how I interact with folks at work and how they interact with me and I need her to follow them. #1 No one is allowed into my office unless I invite them. If she would like to enter, she can knock on my door and I will let her know if she can come in then or, if it’s not a good time, we can set up a meeting. #2 Do not touch my phone — work phone or cell phone. #3 Do not invite yourself to any phone call I am having. If you are needed, you will be requested. If you want to participate, let me know and I will make the decision.

    Seriously, she doesn’t know these things? This is basic stuff. That she’s apparently too stupid to know. You’ll have to have a “Come to Jesus” talk with her.

  2. she is out of line.
    next time she comes in to your office close the door and let her know that while she may be playful, you dont always want to play. I dont see anything wrong with saying this and if she’s a big girl, she’ll understand. if she doesn’t, keep talking – perhaps you’ll find the root of all of this inappropriate playfulness.
    Regarding being the NKOTB – is this girl important (in terms of hierarchy). Regardless, you need to nicely set her straight. You’ll probably be doing everyone else a huge favor.

  3. I would do a cold hard stare and tell her I don’t appreciate that ish and not to do it again. Then I would be so cold towards her behind, that I would never ever, never ever ever have to worry about her occupying my personal space!

  4. I’m always glad to help ma’am.

    Now you know I love you like a fat kids loves cake but I have to ask, how did you let her get that familiar that she thought that she could even turn on the speaker phone and listen to your convos with your mama?? That’s why she thought that shit was cool.

    But ditto everyone else, we would have a private lil chat and I would use my words and she would be crystal ass clear that she didn’t need to play with me or my phone like that EVER again.

  5. How you’re gonna tell us to not recommend you hit her when you titled the blog post, “slap a hoe?” I’m just saying.

    I have the same question as TIH as to how she feels ya’ll are that “cool” to just insert herself into your life like that.

    You’re gonna have to tell her to give you your three feet. Like ASAP. Or she will end up getting got.

    That wasn’t nice, huh? Well, spruce it up so that you aren’t rocking the boat. Frankly, what you have to tell her will be a golden career nugget that can take her far. Plus, it’s free.

    Let us know how it goes.

  6. I don’t think if i’d continue to asscoiate with her. I can’t stand anyone who plays too much when its not a playful situation. That’s just annoying. Start ignoring her, she’ll get the hint.

  7. I do not mind being the pass around as needed mother in y’all’s life. I like you little friends. It helps me to stay connected from a distance. But “Vicky” is there too often for my comfort. Tell ya whut. I’ll give a phone slap she’ll never forget. She’ll know it’s real and whe will adjust her behavior accoringly! Till the morrow.

    • “Oh, that Vickie…”

      I’ve got one of those too. No seriously, her name is Vicki and she is an idiot.

      My mouth dropped open when I read your comment on TIH’s post. That is such an extreme invasion of privacy. I can’t imagine how anyone would think that would be okay….especially in a professional setting.

      As far as the talk, it sounds to me like you already had it. I doubt if another conversation would make a difference. I would school her in the fine art of ‘showin’ ’em fat meat is greasy’ and report her to HR. Sorry but some stuff just isn’t worthy of a second chance.

  8. This chick is a ditz. And since we are not advocating violence, she is a ditz that needs…a rough talking to. You dont need to play with her any more. She is doing too much. Since she is SO far left into playful land, you need to go even further right into cold shoulder land til she gets the point that you aint the one to be played with. But when we are able to slap again, let me know and all this advice will change.

  9. Does your office door have a lock?
    I don’t like the fact that she sent messages to your husband–that’s just plain disrespectful. I’d give her the serious side eye and let her know that the games need to stop. It’s a workplace and there are certain rules. Hell, you’re coworkers and not friends, so there are another set of rules. If all else fails, I’d report her to HR.

  10. it’s hard to change an office behavior once we let it start without it resulting in all sorts of hard feelings, especially when you are already ABW. I’d probably tell her again, HARD, and put a tee-hee-hee on the end. or just let mamasez handle it!

  11. Change your routine (sorry Mom’s)…and keep all commo work related only for a few weeks. You’re just way too interesting to Miss V (& we’re glad) but she needs to learn boundaries. It seems she needs to be “tricked” into learning them.

    I do the I’m soooo busy with work that I’m a bit dazed right now can I get with you later routine–here goes–glazed eyes (thinking look-kinda ignoring them)….typing….heavy back spacing & typing some more, shuffle papers, & print something (several pages is best to mask/pause their talking)…then say “Oh sorry, what where you saying?”

    If that doesn’t work….ya know… “I need to run to Jane’s office for assistance/question” or “I gotta run to the ladies room…excuse me “(while grabbing cell phone) & rush like it’s urgent

  12. Nobody likes those stupid egg pics on twitter! I was so relieved when you finally put it up.

    I have the gift of being able to say hard things to people without making them feel bad and reading this I feel lucky about that.

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