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Raaaandoms (In my head it sounds like Baaaad Boy!)

  • Okay, so obviously I haven’t been stern enough with Vickie from Wednesday’s post.  I haven’t done anything to encourage her behavior – I just didn’t do enough to discourage it! Anyhoo, I plan on having a nice stern talk with her this afternoon, moving up to the cold shoulder if that doesn’t work.  I’ll report her as a last measure – I don’t want anybody to lose a job over foolishness.  I really don’t.
  • Oh, the reason I don’t close my office door is because no one does.
  • Wednesday on our way home from Bible study my phone rang.  And a little voice asked to speak to Lovegirl.  It was “Dave” from school.  Apparently Lovegirl gave my number out to a couple of kids and requested that they call her every night.  Dave plans on complying.  Um, no.
  • How old were your kids when they started chatting on the phone with their classmates?  Is 6, pushing 7 a little soon???
  • My brother called me yesterday.  I’m going to be an aunt again.  They’re expecting baby #2.  Baby #1 is 5 months old.  God bless ’em all!
  • I got up and went to the gym at the crack of dawn yesterday morning.  I felt great!  I think I’m going to do this every time Smoochy makes it home mid-week.  Now, if I could just figure out how not to fall asleep at my desk at 10!
  • I feel technologically behind.  I have no idea what streaming TV is or why I’d want it.  What gives?  It’s probably not even called streaming TV…
  • When my child calls me “mommy” it drives me batty.  I don’t know why, but I can’t stand it.  “Mama,” or “mom,” yes.  Mommy?  Ugh!
  • The ran-the-red-light ticket I got last week?  $181.  After my mortgage that will be the most expensive bill I pay next month 😦
  • I think one person said they were going to do the pushup challenge – sorry, I can’t remember who it was.  How’s it coming?  This morning I did 50.  I am so not looking forward to next week’s pushups.
  • We’ve been talking a lot about prayer in church as of late – this is an area in which I am admittedly weak – I’ve been making a conscious effort to pray more and I feel better for it.
  • What’s up for the weekend?  I think we’re going to the church picnic Saturday and then I’ve got dinner out with the girls.  I plan to spend tonight and Sunday reading and relaxing!  Hope yours is great.  Be well!

29 thoughts on “Raaaandoms (In my head it sounds like Baaaad Boy!)

  1. One classmate called me when I was 8 to get a homework assignment. His mother made him buy me a little trinket set from the grocery store as a thank you….and then everyone said he was my boyfriend. Tell Dave to keep it movin’.

    Good luck to your brother and his wife. I can’t imagine pushing out another one any time soon, and 5 months is way too soon. I don’t mean to be crass, but aren’t you supposed to wait at least 6 weeks before purifying yourself in the waters of Lake Minnetonka?

    It’s either prayer or the power of suggestion, but I find that having a little talk with Jesus (daily) makes it right.

    • “I don’t mean to be crass, but aren’t you supposed to wait at least 6 weeks before purifying yourself in the waters of Lake Minnetonka? ”


  2. I think one of my kids would talk to another kid at about that age. However, she was and is who she is. Lovegirl’s actions sometimes reminds me of my daughter. LOL! Nobody is more technologicially challenged than me! I got a speeding ticket for 161.00 last week. I know somebody who knows somebody who can possibly “take care” of it. I hope so. I lack in the prayer area as well but I keep trying! Have a great weekend!

  3. She just giving out your number all willy nilly like huh? Uh I owuldn’t like that too much. I personally think 6 is way too young for that. My son is 10 and he still shows no interest in chatting on the phone (but that may be a boy thing). I think I would let him chat every now and then if wanted but not with girls.

    Happy 2nd auntiedom! A new baby 5 months after the first is one of those nightmares where I jump up out of bed screaming Noooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!

    • Yeah, Smoochy and I told her that we had her memorize our numbers in cases of emergency – not for to help her socialize. From here out she has to ask us before she gives our numbers out!

      Girl, I’m happy for them, but it couldn’t be me. No way, no how!!!

  4. Interesting. I’ve called my mother Mommy for as long as I can remember. I wonder if she likes it! *lol*
    Dave, huh? Another little baby??? God bless them! They are being fruitful and multiplying.
    An $181 parking ticket??? ‘Da hell were you parked???

  5. My mom HAAAAAAATED ‘Ma.’ HATED IT!!! Like would not respond! So when I tried to stop calling her Mommy and that was the one I liked best? LOL. #fail I still call her Mommy. Occasionally M. They’re 6! What on earth could they possibly be talking about?? Sounds harmless to me as long as she’s doing what you need her to be doing. A 9mos later baby would have me in tears. Heck! A 1yr later baby might also! I need you to be able to self-soothe and follow basic directions before I add no. 2. No I don’t know when they start doing that. We’re going to see a documentary this weekend! YAY!!! & maybe to a seafood fest! YUM!!!

  6. i love your randoms…
    six months after i had baby #2, i found out i was pregnant with baby #3. and then 10 yrs later I was in shock again with baby #4- clearly my plans dont work.
    pray is a wonderful thing – i once saw this on a bumper sticker – talking to God is better than talking to yourself.
    I dont like Mommy either, i prefer Mummy (its the british in me)
    set a precedent – close the door!
    have a wonderful weekend!

  7. I think the cardinal rule was NOT to give out our phone number. It didn’t matter b/c we weren’t allowed to go to their homes when we lived in Chicago. My mama didn’t trust NOBODY. When we moved to Michigan, she got a little more lenient. Blame it on the Mayberry-esque community we lived in.

    I don’t recall getting phone calls regularly until I was in middle school. I was definitely in the double digits for age.

    Um, a 5-month old and another on the way? Sounds like me & my sis. We’re 14 months apart. #MayTheForceBeWithThem

    • Yep, these children will be 14 months apart. Better them than me.
      It never occurred to me to tell the child not to give out the number all willy nilly. Parenting fail!

  8. Ok, that’s kind of cute that she’s getting phone calls. When you’re that young what do you REALLY have to talk about. It’s funny because none of my kids have ever liked to talk on the phone. Their both text crazy, and will rarely chat on the phone. I think I was probably 12 or 13 when I started talking on the phone. Times have definitely changed.

    Congrats to the family. I cant imagine have two little ones that close in age to one another. WHOOO!!!! But babies are always such a blessing. I wish someone around me was pregnant.

    I love when my little guy calls me Mommy. I cant even remember when he graduated to Mama, but I really prefer Mommy. I guess they have to grow up sometimes right. 😦

    And 50 push ups!!!! Go’on with your bad self. I need to be over here doing push ups plus any other exercise I can think of. 50 is AWESOME!!!! Go you!!!

    • I am definitely excited for another baby for whom I have little to no responsibility 🙂

      See, I’m a “mama” chick through and through. I don’t know where she picked mommy up, but I really wish she’d let it go. Really, I do.

      Thanks. Have I mentioned that I’m beginning to loathe pushups? I am!

  9. Lovegirl is such the social butterfly flapping her wings and what not. With that being said, little Davey Crockett (and the rest of the too fresh crew) would get an understanding real quick about the phone calls…..at least on my cell phone anyway. Those minutes cost money! I wouldn’t care if they called the house though.

    Bless your brother and his wife. That is all.

  10. DD can barely even remember her phone number half the time, so she’s definetly not giving it out….she’s not really interested in chatting anyway though.
    So, do share what’s happenned since sit down talk w/co-worker.

    • She said…”okay.” I don’t believe it for a minute – we shall see.

      Believe it or not her boss came to me on Friday and said he hoped that since I was in the office now I’d be able to talk with her and help her realize that she needs to work on her behavior and professionalism. Um…she’s been over here for 3, 4 years and no one’s said anything – now I’m playing Miracle Worker to her Helen Keller???

  11. I still call my mother mommy- actually I call her mother, mommy , Lucy( not her real name). And Im pretty sure she calls my grandma mommy LOL

    My cousin had her girls 13 months apart… Actually I kinda like the idea because then the kids could watch out for each other AND they always have someone else to play with

    I think I was 9 before I really started talking on the phone… I wasnt allowed to give my number to boys though. But now that I think about it , even then I wasnt a big phone person – for what ? I have seen you all day , what do we need to talk about ?

    • I can see how there are benefits to having your children back to back but I just think that’s got to be hard on your body, your relationship and your sanity.

      My child is a social butterfly to the nth degree – we just need to work on containing her…zest for constant communication!

  12. I don’t know about 6yr olds chatting on the phone. I’m sure is not bad, however, the giving out MY number thing would not fly without permission.

    My sisters last 4 kids are stair steps. She obviously didn’t wait her 6 weeks with them. They are 3, 2 and 1yr old twins. *faints*

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