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Genesis 50

Are you familiar with Genesis 50?  Specifically Genesis 50:20?

Joseph’s father Jacob has just died and Joseph’s brothers – the ones who sold him into slavery – are afraid that Joseph is going to exact revenge on them for selling him off because of their jealousy.

Joseph tells his brothers not to worry, that he loves them and what they intended for evil, God meant for his good.

I got to thinking about how very, very upset I was when I had troubles on my last job.  I had prayed and hoped for a “good job” for so long and I thought I’d found it.  No sooner than I’d gotten comfortable than trouble started.  No matter what I was doing, it wasn’t enough. It never occurred to me that God had something bigger and better in store for me.  I prayed about it and was led to the job I currently hold.

The office manager came in my office on Friday and told me that she was working very hard to get my position title changed and with that change would come a nice little pay raise.  She didn’t know when it would happen, but they were hoping soon.  Not only am I in line for a raise but whenever this is all worked out they are going to retroactively pay me for the time I’ve been in the new position.

I tell you what.  God is awesome.  Awesome.  The verse “God has not given us a spirit of fear but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind” has been on my mind lately.  I think far too often I operate in a spirit of fear – afraid to hope for any more than I have now.  That is a sin against God and the greatness He has promised believers.

I often hear people say God is working behind the scenes.  He’s behind the scenes because that’s where we’ve relegated him – to a supporting role in our lives instead of up front and center, directing.

The God I serve is awesome and deserves – demands – to be acknowledged as such.

Praise God from whom all blessings flow.  He is indeed El-Shaddai.


21 thoughts on “Genesis 50

  1. Great post!! So needed to hear and be reminded of God’s GREATNESS! I keep putting him in this little box and I need to let God be God in my life. Congrats to you!!

  2. Yes!!! And let me tell you how God is SO the reason I’m mildly disappointed I haven’t gotten jobs I’ve applied for but not heartbroken. Because I KNOW he’s preparing me for the position I’m supposed to have. I need a position that will help me grow. One that won’t have me in a place of complacency. One that will further my goals. AWESOME!!!

  3. You can ALWAYS depend on God! Each time you overcome your fear it is a testament to God and it increases your faith . . . for the next battle.

    According to Jeremiah 15:22-23 God is always on time.

    PS: Bible scholars do not fret yourself over the reference above. It’s a family joke!

  4. I think far too often I operate in a spirit of fear – afraid to hope for any more than I have now.

    I do the same thing but am actively working on that. CONGRATULATIONS on the new position and that scrilla! (Scrilla is my most favorite slang term for that chedda)

  5. God (and your pending raise and back pay) is awesome! Do you think this has anything to do with your increased prayer time?

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