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The Most Random of Randoms – Race, Wardrobe, and Reads

  • Have you heard about James Anderson?  The black man who was beaten and then run over and killed by a group of white teens here in Jackson, MS?  Several of the teens’ supporters are crying “reverse racism” since the prosecutor has announced plans to pursue hate crime charges.  Reverse racism.  Really?
  • There was a rally in honor of Mr. Anderson last weekend.  Another one is planned for next week.  My boss – a white man – asked me if it were okay if he went to the rally or if he’d be seen as an interloper.  I assured him it was fine for him to attend.
  • Had a great exchange on race on the Twitter last night.
  • We are in no way living in a “post racial” America.
  • I was pretty excited to score some fall/winter clothes last night – two skirts, one dress, and a blouse.  I used a gift card and only paid $3.11 out of pocket 🙂
  • I need a pair of black pants and maybe a pair of trouser jeans and I’m pretty much done shopping for the fall/winter.
  • Speaking of pants and jeans, GAP is offering 30% of your purchase this evening between 3-7.
  • Calvin Klein dresses fit me really well.  I’ve been stalking the local TJ Maxx stores waiting for the “new” fall dresses – found one in putty, going to the other store in hopes of copping a purple one.
  • Lovegirl wholly approves of my new purchases – particularly the dress.  She said “Mama, you look like a woman.  Fantastic!”  Thanks.  I think.
  • I also ordered two pairs of shoes.  You would not believe how hard it is to find a pair of basic black pumps in a size 12 for less than a gazillion dollars.  Thank you Nine West clearance sale!  Now let’s hope they fit.
  • Did I tell y’all that Sinful Colors are on sale for 99 centavos at W.algreens?  Well, they are.  I limited myself to 5 bottles, but I think I’m going back today – I’ve been wanting to try a yellow and I figure at this price point I’ve got nothing to lose.
  • I really enjoyed the book discussion on Monday.  What y’all want to read next??  Let me know – I guess we’ll discuss in early September?

Okay, that’s it.  I hope everyone has a great day!

I lied – one more thing.  I tried the rowing machine at the gym on Tuesday.  OMG!  Who knew?  I got a serious workout that I’m still feeling today.  Love it!


17 thoughts on “The Most Random of Randoms – Race, Wardrobe, and Reads

  1. “My boss – a white man – asked me if it were okay if he went to the rally or if he’d be seen as an interloper.”

    I hate that he felt he had to ask.

    ““Mama, you look like a woman. Fantastic!””

    She meant it in the best way but this still made me giggle. Love that Lovegirl!

    Walgreens has the best nail color selections and at great prices. I love the orange tags!

    • Oooooooo, I’m loving the cognac leather color of the shoe! And for $30???!!! Of course it’s sold out in my size but I’m almost tempted to buy the 9.5 and stick an insert in it.

  2. Ross STAYS up on Calvin Klein dresses. I swear it’s where they go to die.

    Maybe I’ll go buy some nail polish on my lunchbreak…Hmm…..

  3. The term “reverse racism” has always irked me. It insinuates that you can only be racist one way and racism is racism no matter which way it goes. And post-racial America? Puh-lease. White folks have been letting it all hang out these last couple of years so I dont even want to hear that mess.


    I luvs me some Calvin Klein and Nine West dresses from Ross! They fit me brilliantly and are usually so cute. I have 2 CK sweater dresses and more CK and NW sun and shirt dresses than I can count!

    Do you know how long it has been since I polished my nails? Well let me tell you…years. I may try a fun color for my party this weekend. $.99 sound like a great place to start.

    • I know you’re not big on nails, but I promise it’s a great, cheap way to add a little polish (see what I did there) to your look!

      Get you a good quick-drying topcoat and your mani should last for about a week – through chores and errythang!

  4. Bless you. I was waiting for them to do the sinful colors deal again and if you had not mentioned it I would’ve missed out. Loooove me some nail polish *heads to Walgreens*

  5. Sir, I think your daughter tried to send you message! Maybe I need to try some of these dresses. I’ll tweet you a picture so I can see if it meets Lovegirl’s approval.

  6. That cognac color really is every single thing! Great shoe period! Calvin Klein dresses look great on me, too! I have one and every time I wear it I’m like, ‘Ladies & Gents, please look out! I look AWESOME!!!” LOL I’m glad you finally look like a woman on the cheap! 🙂 I’m going to agree with Lovegirl that dark brown is an inappropriate clothing color unless mixed with other colors. I love a girl (heeeeey! no pun intended! lol) who knows what she likes! Around her age is when my dad started calling me fashion bug b/c I was constantly telling my entire family, “That doesn’t match.” And dictating their clothing choices! The older I got, the less I tolerated poor choices in my presence! Now my mom doesn’t bother to try to leave the house with me w/o approval. LOLOL

    The book discussion was awesome!! I got Marable’s Malcolm X book months ago and would like a catalyst to read it. IDK if anyone else is interested. I think the white dude’s question was a fair one. You never know how people will react to you when times are tense. Maybe in a way they ordinarily would not.

    • I just got Marable’s Malcom X bio and would love some deadline to make me pick it up.

      Somehow the prospect of toning my arms by carrying around a 10-lb book is not enough.

  7. I loved the twitter race discussion you all had last night. I was so “tweavesdropping”!

    We do a lot of rowing in CrossFit. I had never used that machine prior to going to my CrossFit gym. It is a great workout. We did rowing “sprints” one day that left me so winded! How is it possible to be gasping for air while you are sitting down?!?

  8. I cannot wait until Fall gets here – there clothes are so cute to me and I LOVE wearing the hundreds of pairs of boots that I have. 🙂

    I loved the book discussion as well. Perhaps we should start on the next book?
    Oh, and I keep hearing things about The Hunger Games. .

  9. YAY for fall clothes. I wore pumps and a blazer yesterday (despite the summer temps) and I got so excited for all the fall fashion that’s to come.

    I think all women look good in Calvin Klein. I LOVE his dresses. I’ve yet to see a woman rock a CK dress and look bad in it. & I too get mine from TJMaxx or Marshall’s. I’m not a baller, tell a friend. LOL!

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