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Colors, Colors I am a Nightmare Walking…Never Mind.

Last night’s thunderstorm and resulting loss of our Dish signal left me ready to call it a night and go to bed.  Unfortunately it was only 5:45 and too early (even for me) to go bed.

What was a girl to do???  Why pull out all of her nail polish, take pictures of it, and patch together a blog post of course!

I generally do my nails once a week, on Sunday nights. I hit them with a base coat, two coats of color, and a quick drying topcoat.  Right now I use Seche Vite topcoat, but I’m looking to try Essie’s next.

This week I’ve got OPI’s Chocolate Mousse (dull brown) on my hands, and Pure Ice’s “Jamaica Me Crazy” (hot pink) on my feet.  Lovegirl wants you to know that she is wearing blue, purple and hot pink (with purple glitter) on her hands and hot pink on her feet.

What colors are you rocking today?  What are your favorite colors?

Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Can See
All That Glitters Aint Gold
Children of The Night
Pretty In Pink
Interview Candidates

My Bad
Fabulous Faves

27 thoughts on “Colors, Colors I am a Nightmare Walking…Never Mind.

  1. OK so you have a ton of fingernail polish.

    I took your suggestion and polished my nails for the first time in years. I went with a festive purple glitter type deal. I did them Friday night for the party Saturday night but they were so badly chipped before the party even started I had to retouch them. By Sunday they looked horrid and I couldn’t wait to take it off. Now I remember why I dont paint my nails.

    • You are so funny! I’m going to take a picture of my nails on Sunday – before I take off this week’s manicure and let you see how they look. I promise with the right base/top coats you really can get a week out of your manicure – chores and all!

      Have you posted about your partay yet? Looking forward to reading the recap!

  2. I’m loving Navy Blue right now. Although right now I don’t have my toes nor fingers that shade of blue. Must correct that tonight.

    • Navy blue is one of my faves! I don’t think I’ve ever used it on my fingers though – will rectify whenever I cut my nails down some. Saw some of your vacation pics – marvelous!!!

  3. I’ve got a bucket full too. LOL I tried a pastel yellow for the first time this weekend. I didn’t like on me and will be giving that bottle away to one of my co-workers. I do, however, love lilac. I think I want to try baby blue next.

    • I still really want a yellow polish, but that taxicab yellow is not for me! Maybe I’ll try a pastel yellow. I’ve never worn a pastel polish before. I guess I’ll zip back to Walgreens while the polish is still super cheap.

    • @ Jameil – I’m not an addict. An addict would have more bottles than one person could ever use. An addict would scour the internet for the next season’s colors. An addict would find it darn near impossible to leave the store without at least one bottle even though she knows she doesn’t need any more. Oh wait…I am an addict!!!

  4. I wore clear polish on my nails until I turned 30. Then I had the sudden urge to have them polished an actual color. That lasted a few months until I became quickly tired of the chipping polish which only prompts me to take it ALL off. I always keep my toes polished. Lasts MUCH longer. I need to find that Seche Vite topcoat and try it. If it works, I’ll go back to color.

    • I only recently started painting my fingernails for the same reason. The quick dry topcoat has made all the difference. Give it a shot and let me know what you think – the Seche Vite is at Sally, Ulta, etc.,

  5. Umm 63 is obsessive ma’am! Lol I love me some poslish too though. I only have about 10 maybe. My nails are pink with purple ring fingers and my toes are pink. Its very rare that I match them.

  6. I dont like polish on my hands because even with a top and base coat I only get 2 days max before it chips. No thanks. And since I am an animated talker , I just stick to either bare nails or clear polish- sometimes I may be daring and put some glitter on a nail. My toes are generally polished – right now they are bare. I think tonights color will be Neon yellow by KleanColor

    btw : if you have a beauty supply near you that sells Kleancolor polishes , try them! over 200 colors -and the application is really good 😀

  7. …psychopath talking….

    OMG, I promise I was going to come by and leave a random comment on whatever post you had today to ask you about your favorite top coat! Yay!!! lol

    I am currently wearing OPI’s La Paz-itively hot. I only used to wear it on my toes, but now I love it on my fingers.

    • Oh, one of my other favorite colors is Cajun Shrimp by OPI, and… *runs to bathroom* Lincoln Park After Dark by OPI, Lemonade and Passion Fruit by Orly. 😀 Oooh, and I found a cool one by Sally Hansen the other day, in the Quick Dry line…called Slick Slate. SH also has a very similar color with a frost added called Tying the Knot. I think those two will be my go-to fall colors.

      • LOVE Lincoln Park After Dark! One of my go to’s when the weather turns cooler. I want Lemonade and Passionfruit just because it sounds awesome!

  8. Ma’am? 63? You have A PROBLEM!!! I love bright colors. Turquoise, hot pink. I aso like super darks like purple & navy. Sometimes even black. Also gunmetal. And RED!

    • I’ll have to try and find it! I had high hopes for that blue in the “my bad” pics, but it’s sooooo sheer it would take who know how many coats to actually get some colors on my nails – same with the green one.

  9. Oooo nail polish post! You do have a lot of polish girl LOL! I thought I had a lot! Lately I’ve been doing a neutral nail polish by Sinful with a glitter gold tip similiar to the one sold by Sephora for $10.00, but Sally’s sells great big glitters in tiny bottles for 1.00. I top coat with Seche it’s the best to me! Sinful has the best colors!

  10. My favorite color is Jewel of India by OPI. Unfortunately, they discontinued the shade last year, so off to amazon.com I headed. You have inspired me to paint my nails today.

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