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I Got Five, Make That Six, On It!

1.  Behold!  This is how my nails look on Friday morning – I did my manicure Sunday night.  Sure, there’s a little wear and tear – fading at the tips and “pulling” at the base – but nothing too dramatic and definitely no chipping.  I’m telling y’all, your manicure can last through the week.  Okay, I’m off my polish soapbox.  For now 🙂

From a distance…

…and close up!















2.  Got a note home from Lovegirl’s teacher on Wednesday.  Three weeks into school and Lovegirl is already done with the 1st grade reading curriculum.  Go her!  I just hope the teacher can keep her busy, challenged, occupied, etc., etc.  Otherwise it’s going to be a very long year for all involved.  (I typed most of this post Thursday morning…guess who brought home a write-up yesterday O_o)

3.  Serenity 30 has me wanting to make a pair or three of earrings.  I think Lovegirl and I will head to the bead shop Saturday morning and get to it.  I need want three pairs of earrings – pink, mossy green, and black/white.

4.  I went to a brown-bag lunch seminar on obesity and definitely saw some things I need to work on removing from our diet – namely deli meats.  I thought I was doing something by only buying turkey or chicken.  And I was wrong.  So, I’ll be roasting a whole hen or a turkey breast and using that for lunches from here out. Just the excuse I needed to go ahead and purchase a mandoline.  I’ve wanted one forever!  And no more jarred spaghetti sauce – I’m going back to making it.  Baby steps.

5.  I love it when my mail order shoes fit!  Both pairs of shoes I ordered from Nine West are keepers.  The black pumps are just a touch snug, but I’ve been reassured that having them stretched isn’t a big deal and should give me the extra bit of room I’m looking for.  Big yay!

6.  Wednesday I bought a Rubbermaid Reveal mop – basically a refillable Swiffer.  Love. It.  Goodbye costly refills and disposable mop pads.  Hello cleaner of my choice and a washable pad 🙂

That’s it.  Have a marvelous weekend.  If you’re on the East Coast I pray safety for you and yours as Irene approaches – please take care.


12 thoughts on “I Got Five, Make That Six, On It!

  1. Swiffer kills me with its expense. I didn’t really think abt it until you mentioned you got a replacement. If I wash dishes, my manicure is done. Done I say! Make sure you spend a little extra to get a nice mandoline. If you have to fight with it, it’s not worth it. I was always the one talking & disturbing people b/c I was bored in class, too. Esp. when it came to reading. Me & another chick were always years ahead. She graduated a year early, I had social concerns. LOL Could’ve graduated from Hampton at least a semester early. Again, social.

    • I’ve changed my mind on the mandoline…at least for meat slicing purposes. No one seemed to think it was going to do what I wanted it to do! Maybe I’ll just cave an buy an electric knife?

  2. base coat….top coat
    base coat….top coat
    base coat…top coat

    OK..I’m going to drink the nail polish…uhh Koolaid this weekend and start doing my nails myself again.
    Have a great weekend. I think the DMV is just going to be slightly hit by Irene. Thunderstorms and possible flooding. As long as the word “sever” stays out of the forecast!

  3. What did Lovegirl do??? 😦

    I switched from Swiffer after it broke. I was about to buy another but just so happened to see a blog about the Libman Freedom mop. It made so much more since (economically) to purchase it than going the Swiffer route again. Granted you still have to buy pads but not once you run through a box.

  4. If we lose power, I’ll add painting my nails to my list of activities.

    Do they let her move on to second grade curriculum? I remember having to do that.There were 3 of us in our reading group, Lovegirl can be a party of one!

    Why are you removing deli meats?

    I just got a bissell steam and sweep, I love it. It’s pricey, but we’ll have a baby on the floor so it was worth it for the sanitizing feature.

    • Your lights never went out did they? Thank God!
      I’m going to ask what the plan is for the rest of the year.
      Deli meats – too much salt, too many nitrates.
      I thought about one of those too – I think I’ll wait ’til I get rid of some – most – of this carpet.

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