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What Y’all Wanna Read???

Okay ladies – it’s that time again.  We need to pick a book to discuss in…early October.  I don’t have any real preference so I figured I’d take the suggestions I’ve received and put them up for popular vote.  🙂

We could read:

1.  Malcolm X: A Life of Reinvention by Manning Marable.  All I know about this book?  Controversial.

2.  The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins.  All I know about this book? It’s sci-fi.

3.  Your Suggestion Here

So, head on over to the polls and exercise your patriotic rights and vote for or suggest something.  I’ll announce our next book on Friday.  Cool?  Cool!

Happy Monday!  Oh, and the reason I haven’t posted my weight?  ‘Cause I’m pissed and refuse to get on the scale for another month or so.


10 thoughts on “What Y’all Wanna Read???

  1. I voted for the Malcolm X book because I have it and I would love the motivation to actually read it. I’ve heard good stuff from the (one) person I know that read it and I love biographies in general.

    I’ve read The Hunger Games and Sherri’s suggestion, The Fall of Rome and I think they were both pretty good. They’re both YA books and so will be quick reads for everyone. I’d brush up and participate in those discussions too.

  2. I think yall should read the book about the lady who they did the scientific experiment on and she didn’t know it, then she died and her family found out. Or maybe they didn’t do an experiment on it, but it was something like that. Maybe they used her blood to cure some kinda disease or something. It’s a true story. Except I don’t know the name of it. You know what I’m talking about? But anything you guys decide is fine with me, since I’m probably not going to read it anyway. But if you can think of the name of that book could you tell me cause I really might read that. Thanks for your help, and you’re welcome for my suggestion.

  3. I nominate my new suspense novel Cadaver River: A Novel of Cane River. It’s about a beautiful Creole zoologist who finds love and danger when she tries to import endangered American crocodiles to the tight-knit creole community of Cane River. Give it a try on caneriverbooks.com!

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