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Today is my sweet, sweet girl’s seventh birthday.  It is amazing to me how quickly these last few years have flown by.  Watching Lovegirl grow from a chubby, helpless baby who was particularly skilled at giving side-eye into a hilarious kid who loves to talk, dance, talk, sing, and talk has been one of the greatest blessings of my life.

Smoochy and I often talk about how Lovegirl is my entire family wrapped up in one not-so-little-anymore girl.  She’s smart as a whip (my Dad), the life of the party (my Mom), social as hell (Brother #1), relatively fearless (Brother #2), and sensitive (Brother #3).

She’s definitely a daddy’s girl and has that big ol’ man of mine wrapped around all of her fingers, not just her pinky.

She cracks me up on an almost daily basis and loves me fiercely while somehow managing to challenge nearly everything I say.  We’re working on that…

We are so glad that God chose us to be Lovegirl’s parents and we look forward to the great things He has in store for her.

Happy Birthday Sweet-peet!  We love you more than you’ll ever know!

That was then…








This is now!

15 thoughts on “Seven

  1. You know what this means, right? Now we he have to hear about from her about how she turned 7 before AidanHackett and we have to hear from AidanHackett about how even though she turned seven before him he still has more states. And on and on cause you know how they do it!

    Tell her that we said Happy Birthday and we love her lots. Yes, even AidanHackett who told JonKeeton that he could NOT go to his birthday party on Saturday because his best friend Lovegirl was having hers at the same time.

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