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I’mma Tell Yo Daddy

Okay, so Lovegirl has been…acting up a little in school.  The kid cannot keep her yapper shut.  She’s had two write ups and one nice-nasty note from the teacher in the last two weeks.  What’s a mama to do?  I’ve talked to her, I’ve punished her  (taken away electronics, revoked television viewing privileges, nixed football game plans), and finally, I spanked her little bottom.

Through all of this Smoochy has remained pretty ghost.  I call him and talk about her behavior.  I tell him we need to present a united front, that discipline is a team effort and that we cannot allow her to act any kind of way. He promises he’s going to discipline her and at the end of the day – I do all the disciplining and he swoops in on the weekends bearing candy and hugs.  Um, no.

So I told on him.  When my father-in-law called yesterday to wish LG a happy birthday I got on the phone and told him that I was having trouble getting Smoochy to get on board the discipline train.  Now my father-in-law is serious about spoiling his grands (3 girls) but he’s equally serious about not having bad ass kids.  He promised that he’d talk to Smoochy and let him know that he’s got to step up to the plate and parent LG fully – not just be warm, cuddly, treat-bearing daddy.  Yay!

I could say I feel bad about telling on Smoochy, but I don’t.  I need some help getting through to my husband.  My father-in-law will definitely get him told.  It takes a village, so I called on an elder.

Have you ever “told” on your spouse/SO before?  Why?  How’d it work out for you?  If you haven’t, would you?



9 thoughts on “I’mma Tell Yo Daddy

  1. Yes mam. When Hubs and I first got married, he was really heavy into working for the church. And I was sitting at home…really heavy…pregnant with our son. He was always out with the church and never home. So I called our pastor (who he really respected, that is the key) and “told on him”. He needs to be home with his wife, I cried to him. God’s work begins at home dammit! So after the pastor broke it down to him, he shaped up and began to dote on me like a husband should to his pregnant wife. And all was right with the world. Amen.

  2. I haven’t told on MrC yet, but I sure have been thinking about it! I probably wouldn’t tell his momma though, I’d snitch to our church elders that did our marriage counseling.

  3. I don’t have anyone to tell on Tim, but he has “casually mentioned” some things to my Mom and Dad at every single opportunity he gets. It’s been working out for him. I swear him and my mom have some kind of telepathic connection. Hmph.

  4. Girl, please. I’m running my mouth almost every Sunday dinner to my hubbys momma 🙂
    All somewhat jokingly but serious. I’m more of a passive agressive tattle tale.

  5. LOL! When I read the title, I thought you were talking about telling on your daughter to your husband! That is so funny how you switched it up. But, I do think that sometimes it is hard to express yourself to your husband in a way that he *gets* it and it may take someone else to explain it to him.

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