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Weekend in Review

We spent most of the weekend preparing for Lovegirl’s birthday party, enjoying the birthday party, and recovering from yes, the birthday party.

Friday night LG and I went out to a new Thai/Japanese fusion restaurant.  The food was good, but I think they’re confused on the meaning of the word “fusion.”  Just because you serve two types of cuisine does not mean you’re a fusion restaurant.  Lovegirl ordered hibachi chicken and I had Basil Shrimp.  Tasty!  I really wanted a bowl of Tom kha gai (chicken/coconut milk soup), but I’m determined not to eat the same thing every time I have Thai food.

We had her party Saturday at the Y’s pool and I’ve got to say, I’m glad we did.  There was room for everybody – from her classmates, to the neighbors, to the friends and family that came.  I honestly have no idea how many kids were there – 16 I think?  Not to mention the two kids that just wanted to swim and ended up joining the party for a while.  Two of her classmates brought younger siblings which was cool and two of the mothers got in the pool.  I was not in that number.  I don’t know why it didn’t occur to me to get in the pool.  Oh well.

I mentioned on the Twitter that I was slightly annoyed because some relatives didn’t bring LG a present.  Not because she needs or wants anything – it’s just the principle.  If I showed up to one of their kids’ parties empty handed we’d never hear the end of it.  Not to mention my SIL’s need to tell me the cake was too sweet. o_O.

Sunday I got up and went to early morning service by myself.  I really enjoyed it.  Not at all crowded and the pastor is doing an awesome series on establishing a deeper relationship with God.

Sunday afternoon I watched football (my Steelers got SPANKED!), tennis (Serena got SPANKED!), and worked on the dry, tangled mass that was Lovegirl’s hair.

And here we are back at Monday!  How was your weekend?

It took a looooong time for her to eat all that rice with those chopsticks. A loooooong time!











The best picture of her I got at her party!










Sharp as a tack in her outfit from Aidan (and Ms. Psonya). I am shocked that she chose to wear this to school today...not 🙂



14 thoughts on “Weekend in Review

  1. OMG I love her outfit!! So cute! I’m glad she had a blast!! Poor lil MS fusion restaurant. Basil shrimp sounds awesome. Rashan doesn’t like coconut milk… and I have 3+ recipes I need to cook that call for it. Tell him to stop rebelling against me. I had an AWESOME WEEKEND!!!!!

    • I can’t even compute that he doesn’t like coconut milk. Like at all? I get not wanting to drink it, but man, toss some lemongrass, galangal and chiles up in there and it is deeeeelicious! Rashan if you’re reading this – and I know you’re not – stop rebelling!!!

      You gonna post pics?

  2. She looks very cute in that outfit.

    The pictures of that food make me hungry. I’m glad its almost lunch time. Oh I’m also jealous LG can use chop sticks. I have no clue lol

    Your SIL coulda kept the comment about the cake to herself

  3. She is SO, so cute! I’m glad y’all had a great weekend! I had a great one as well. We had a bridesmaids’ “kick it” weekend, and although I was exhausted on Friday and wanted to skip it, I’m SO glad I didn’t. I had a blast laughing at everyone’s crazy personality. LOL

  4. She looks so adorable in that outfit, and in the chopsticks picture. Im glad she had a happy birthday.

    SN I need to learn how to use chopsticks. I am now ashamed that a 7 yr old knows how , and I dont.

  5. The outfit is super cute! Buddha got the option of having a pool party, a bowling party or a bounce party and he chose bounce. Hmph. Although he’s on his THIRD swim class. Does that make any sense to you???

    Glad that Lovegirl had a blast!

  6. I can’t lie – I still use the chopsticks with the rubber band attached!! *lol* So, I commend Love Girl for her lengthy efforts!! Super cute outfit! Glad the part was a smashing success!

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