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Mean A** Mean People

I have not been in the greatest of moods this week.  From the Personhood Amendment to the pending execution of Troy Davis to national and office politics, I’m just through.  Everybody has their own agenda and just seem hell bent on making the lives of other people miserable so they can feel good or be right.

I’m sick of all of it.  I wonder why we can’t just be nicer to each other.  You know what being nice costs you?  Absolutely nothing.  Smile at somebody.  Open a door for someone.  Work together for the common good.  Walk away from a silly squabble.  Just move the hell on.

My mom always tells me that she and I have similar personalities – that we’re essentially Pollyanas who want everything to be alright for everybody.  And that’s true.  I just don’t understand a whole of bickering, fussing, fighting, squabbling.  To me, that’s no way to live.  I understand that people deal with conflict differently, but honestly 99% of the time I’m going to just walk away.  Unless there’s a physical threat to me or my family, whatever the conflict is, pretty much isn’t worth it.  I don’t care about looking soft, weak, or whatever.  I guess I don’t have enough of a rep to worry about protecting it.  Being a 40 year old bully just isn’t a good look.

I don’t know.  My spirit is hurt.  I’m tired.  I wish people were nicer.


7 thoughts on “Mean A** Mean People

  1. I agree with you. Just last Thursday two young ladies got into a fight in the dorms of Bowie State Uni. The 19 year old stabbed the 18 year old in her neck with scissors. The 18 year died, the 19 year old is in jail charged with 1st and 2nd degree murder. My heart HURTS. Two mothers lost their only children in one fit of anger.

    As combative as I can be, I can walk away from conflict. I thank God that he allowed me enough years on this Earth to lean how.

  2. Couldn’t agree with you more. I don’t understand people who breed negative energy and want to extend it to others. The amount of effort it takes to spread negative energy, you could have done the same with positive vibes instead. Instead of bringing down someone else, why not life them up? Or hell, you don’t even have to lift them up, just don’t bring them down.

  3. I totally agree with you! I refuse to argue with people on Twitter or on Blogs. I don’t even know them! If I respond on certain blogs i don’t go back and look if someone responded to what I wrote. I wish more people felt like being nicer too!

  4. Awwww! I love your Pollyannaness! It makes your blog really refreshing to read! I can’t stand open hostility and cat fights. It’s why I don’t watch much reality tv (just competition shows). I hate seeing people fighting about things that don’t matter now, won’t in 5 mins and shouldn’t even be a consideration in 5 yrs. It wears me out.

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