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I Got Nothing

So, let’s play “You Ask and I Answer.”

Head on over to the comments and ask me something, anything.  I’ll answer.  Probably.

Maybe this will help me get into the spirit of blogging again…



7 thoughts on “I Got Nothing

  1. Why do you love Pserendipity so? Wouldn’t you agree that among friends, she’s the BEST FLIPPIN’ THING since sliced bread? On a scale of 1-10, isn’t she, like, an 11?

    That should get you started on a wonderful post. Hop to it!

  2. Do you think AR Gal will start blogging again? Selfish ain’t I making this about me. Tough tidy.

    Why has everyone lost their blogging mojo? (Personally, I blame FB, life demands and the fact that folks have been blogging for so long. We’s ty-red!)

    Why do people STILL say lookded, likeded, skinded?

    What is LG currently doing?

    What are you currently doing?

    Do you want to be doing what you are currently doing? If not, what would you like to be doing?

    Have you ever drank Ripple? (I haven’t but would like to try it)

    What hair removal technique to you prefer? Nair, razor, wax, nothing, other?

    What’s your favorite type of juice?

    Records or mp3’s?

    Okay, my brain is fried. I’m all out of questions.

  3. Any plans to cut your locs?

    Who is your favorite housewife from each of the seasons?

    What do you think about Christians drinking likka?

    Were (Are) you Troy Davis?

    Do you wish Smoochy was home more often?

    Is there ever an instance were divorce is an option for you?

    Have things gotten better with bro and sis in law?

    What do you use to clean up nail polish that went over the lines?

    Now that you’ve completed the 100 push up challenge are there any plans to shoot for 200? 150? 101? (LOL)

    Can you extend the deadline for Malcolm X?

    Are you happy with your new position. Can we get an update?

    Is there a blogger you’ve stopped reading or blocked?

    Have you ever eaten stewed chicken?

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