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Random Stuff

  • New book club discussion date:  Monday, October 17.  Thanks much to Simply B for requesting an extension…I surely need it!  We’re reading “A Life of Reinvention: Malcolm X” if anyone wants to do some quick reading over the next two weeks.
  • Our pastor is teaching us how to study the Bible.  Really great series.  Very common sense, but nothing I’d ever considered before.  I’ve read the Bible, but never studied it.  We’ve started with the book of Ephesians, and though I’ve read it on several occasions, I’m reading studying from a new perspective and really enjoying it.
  • JSU’s homecoming is this week.  And they’re playing my undergrad alma mater UAPB!  I cannot wait for Saturday’s game!  We’ve bought a tailgating lot, I’ve pulled together my black and gold accessories, I think a few friends are coming down, and I’m ready to talk ish!  Let the games begin!
  • Drake has got to be the worst “rapper” ever.  Yep, ever.  I’d rather listen to…hell, anybody else.
  • It’s breast cancer awareness month.  If you’re not up on your self-exams, annual checkups, or your No Thank You Ma’amogram (KRock – August 2011) do what you need to do and get down on it!
  • You know what’s better than new underwear?  Nothing!  Okay, there are better things.  But new unmentionables rank pretty high on my list.
  • Operation Clean This Crap Up is still in full effect.  I am so excited by how much better our house looks with just a little extra attention being paid to it every day.  This weekend Lovegirl and I bought new plants for our entryway, cleaned out her room and closet, and washed everything that wasn’t pinned down.  And I found out we need a new vacuum cleaner.  Yeah, it’s broken and I didn’t even know it…
  • Anybody got any recommendations for a new vacuum?  Don’t bother mentioning a Dyson, Miele, or Oreck…that’s not happening.
  • I tweeted a pic of the Jolly Green Giant at last week’s JSU/TSU game.  I still feel kinda bad about it.  I would make a horrible paparazzi.  I couldn’t even take the picture – the lady in line behind me at the concession stand saw what I was trying to do and took the picture for me…
  • This lady at work wears too much perfume.  And I don’t like the scent.  Smells like the stuff the groomers used to spray on my dog.  Until I told them to stop ’cause it stank.
  • In case my Mama’s reading – happy birthday sweets!  I love you much!

That’s it for now.  Hope everyone has a marvelous day!


14 thoughts on “Random Stuff

  1. I will take Drake any day over the likes of Lil Boosie and his ilk

    Girl bye! A new bra will change your entire outlook on life!

    I cleaned half of my garage out this weekend and I can’t wait to tackle the other half! I have to get rid of old paint, re-patch a hole, re-paint the graffiti wall I let Babe and her friends paint on for one of her slumber parties and powerwash the shelves I have in the garage.

    Check CraigsList for high end vacuum cleaners…

    • Organizing the garage is definitely on my list. I want to paint the walls and coat the floor with that rubberized flooring…I love the idea of letting LG and her friends paint a wall though. Guess I’ll make that happen before the redo!

      LOL! My outlook definitely needed changing!

  2. ANYBODY but Drake. CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!! I’ll have to rely on Rashan for this so I’ll be back. New shoes are better but I can’t lie, new unmentionables are up there! I hope JSU wins. What? A girl can dream the impossible HBCU victory dream, can’t she?? I so miss my bible study genius pastor!! He was the bomb diggity!! I got sick & had to stop mid=clean-up yesterday. :(((

    • Well, who’d Rashan come up with? I promise, Drake’s whiny nasally voice just…ugh!!! I have no idea what he’s saying because I refuse to listen to him. He could be the most clever lyricist (NOT) ever, but I’ll never know it! You hope JSU wins?!?! You’re banned! Hope you’re feeling better.

      Oh, sending me that nail polish email? Either the sweetest thing ever or pure evil! I don’t have any Zoya – haven’t seen it around here. I’m going to try to resist. But you know what they say about resistance. It’s futile…

  3. I love new under things. Just love em! I tried to start the Malcolm X book, but I can’t lie – I’m just not interested in reading it. I hope to catch ya’ll next time around. I need Operation Clean Up This Crap in my household since my dear husband is a packrat!!! UGH!

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