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Happy Friday!!!

  • I have a friend who I love dearly that drives me batty.  She cares way too much about what other people say/think about her.  She’s 37.  I wish I could give her a big old box full of “I don’t give a damn” for her next birthday.
  • My child has requested a fur vest.  What y’all think?  Should I get her a fake fur and let her rock it?  Yea or nay?
  • I love P.interest.
  • My pastor has started opening the floor for questions at the end of Bible study.  I wish he’d close it back.  There are some…interesting questions floating around in the minds of my fellow church members.
  • I don’t like selling stuff.  At all.  Ever.  Lovegirl’s in the midst of two fund raisers – one for school, one for Girl Scouts.  I’m going to order two or three things from each and be done with it.
  • For Barista:  Nope, we no longer have a dog.  Used to have a Pomeranian.  One night I let him out and then I promptly fell asleep.  Haven’t seen him since.
  • Did y’all know The T.ime is now a whole new group called The O.riginal 7ven?  I don’t get it…
  • My birthday is Sunday.  I’ve decided to celebrate my birthday (October 9) by performing 9 random acts of kindness.  I totally stole this idea from someone, but I love it, so I’m doing it!
  • Happy 1st anniversary to Pserendipity and Tim.  They’re probably the only anniversary I’ll ever be able to remember other than our own.  Shout out to them for marrying on my birthday.  I’m totally sure that’s why they picked that date…
  • To commemorate this weekend’s game, I did my first ever tape manicure last night.  Turned out pretty good – not the neatest paint job, but eh.  I’ll definitely be doing this again – with a more subtle color palette 🙂

Repping those Golden Lions of UAPB! Roar Lions roar!










Hope you have a lovely weekend – I plan on having a blast!!!



12 thoughts on “Happy Friday!!!


    Yay!…my ten year old asked for a fur vest too. She saw one in Target. I am going to get her one as one of her birthday gifts

    Pi.nterest is sooooooo awesome! Seriously

    My birthday is 12/12…I also do random acts and call them The 12 Days of Tarsha! I have been doing it for a few years now and I get giddy every year when the time gets closer. Ive paid for meals, paid bills, bought my department breakfast, even purchased a case of diet coke for one of my co-workers who Stans for that stuff…my most favorite time of the year!

    have a great birthday weekend!!!

  2. Happy Early Birthday!!!

    My child has requested a fur vest. What y’all think? Should I get her a fake fur and let her rock it?

    I vote Yea!

  3. Happy early Birthday !
    That sounds like an awesome Birthday Gift to yourself/others. I hope you plan to blog about the random acts of kindness, that would be interesting.

    I am on that Pinterest crack too, thanks to Tarsha LOL
    I can’t keep of which the social networking I’m on now, but it is so addictive.

    I ALWAYS get the shakedown on fundraising. I am a sucker for a cute kid with a sales pitch. If you ask me for the sale instead of having your mother do it, I’m subject to buy two ! LOL

    It is amazing how time flies. All these bloggers, and weddings & now anniversaries ? It really seems like yesterday folks were just getting engaged !

    Have a great birthday weekend !

  4. That would drive me batty, too. Love birthdays!! You ALREADY KNOW it’s time to buy that fur vest!! Immediately!!! I love your child’s fantastic flair for the dramatic! If it wouldn’t require bringing my whole wardrobe to Jackson, I would totally let her style me! My last pastor allowed Bible Study questions. One lady, “Why you be usin Hebrew? And tellin us what it means? We ain’t Jewish. And I don’t speak that.” Insert snickers from everybody under 40. 7ven is a take on the number seven. You’re welcome. I love tape manis!! Your index finger looks like a person in profile. Both sides. The one on the right, you can see more of his body. The one on the left, it’s just face. Really accidentally cool!

  5. Yassss!!! Pinterest is the move. That is my new guilty pleasure.

    I say get baby girl a faux fur vest. I might just get me one.

    Happy Birthday to you…Happy Birthday to you…Happy Birthday to you..Happy Birthday to you!

  6. Happy Belated Birthday!!!!!! I hope it was OUTSTANDING! Here’s to many blessings in this upcoming year!

    So…you’re a Libra, huh? No WONDER you’re so fab, fair, and ridiculously intelligent. 😀

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