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Weekend Recap

Thanks all for the birthday wishes.  Despite what I’m about to write here, I had a great weekend!!

My friend and her foster-working-toward-adopted daughter made it in on Friday night around 10.  Which was cool.  Except that I was knocked out sleep.  For real.  I woke up – kinda – and we talked and caught up for what seemed like an eternity.  I think it was really only an hour or so.  They wanted to go to IHOP the next morning for breakfast which was fine but I told them to anticipate a wait – it was Saturday, the breast cancer walk was happening, and it was Homecoming weekend.  We weren’t going to just waltz in a get a table.

Saturday morning we head to IHOP.  Where she promptly starts complaining about the wait.  O_o.

We make it through breakfast and walk around the mall to kill a little time before we head to the tailgate.  She requests a stop at S.onic first so she can get a Route 44 ice water.  In theory, that’s great.  In reality we are about to be in a stadium parking lot for 4 hours.  Port-a-potty only.  She gets two ginormous waters – one for her, one for her daughter who is 9. Of course, they need to go to the bathroom.  I told them where port-a-potty row was located and continued trying to learn the “monkey feet” dance.

We finish phase one of the tailgate and head into the game where we were handed our asses by JSU.  The final score was 48-10.  I don’t want to talk about it.

Game over, we head back out to the parking lot to continue partying.  About 30 minutes in she asks when we’re leaving ’cause the daughter is hungry and wants to go through the B.urger K.ing drive-thru.  Naw dog.  Just naw.  We are at a TAILGATE.  There is enough food to feed the children. Sally Struthers.  I suggest that she feed the child from the available food – spaghetti, boudin, sausage links, hot dogs, john wayne casserole, salad, cole slaw…..I told Smoochy he was going to have to do an intervention ’cause I was gonna snap.  He fixed them both plates and told them to dig in.  With the exception of the boudin everything was a hit.  We still had to leave about 45 minutes later.  Because they had to go to the bathroom.  Aaaargh!!!  I still don’t know how to do the monkey feet.

Sunday morning I left everyone at home and celebrated the start of my birthday at early morning church services.  Got home, fixed breakfast for all.  Am repeatedly told the turkey sausage doesn’t taste like pork.  That would be because it’s not.

Then she tells me she wants to take me out for lunch.  I was like great – let’s go to the Vietnamese restaurant.  She and the kid have never had Vietnamese.  Okay…Chinese?  Nope.  Mexican?  Too spicy.  So we head to…The G.olden C.orral.  Really?  Really?  Yeah, really.  Praise God from whom all blessings flow – the line was too long.  So we ended up at…wait for it…Ci.Ci’s Pizza.

They left around 4 and I’ve never been so happy to wave goodbye in all my life.  I love my friend dearly, but have decided that our relationship is not going to make it through too many more overnight stays.  We do best with phone calls and short drop-ins when I’m in the Bluff!!!

This chick was my road-dog all through college.  We went to almost every away football game.  She was fun to travel with, I knew I wasn’t going to have to worry about some strange dude being in the room, and she’s not a get sloppy drunk kind of girl.  Having said that, it’s obvious that 20+ years has changed both of us.  Can’t help but think of TIH’s latest post on friendships – have you read it?

Anyhoo, when’s the last time you had overnight guests?  How’d it go?


22 thoughts on “Weekend Recap

  1. People do change and you are lucky you have the miles to separate you. Dealing with those situations on a daily basis would cause a heart attack! CiCi’s Pizza for real? If its a gift shouldn’t it be what the peson wants versus what you want? She might want to understand that concept.

  2. Wait, what the hell is John Wayne casserole? That caught me COMPLETELY off guard! LOL!!!

    I went to Ci Ci’s once with a friend of mine (and her kid). I sat and watched them (and other people) eat. I couldn’t bring myself to partake in the goodness that is a children’s buffet.

    I had a friend like yours before. The keyword being had as we are no longer friends. I dropped her like a newborn baby on the delivery room floor. I have a hard time dealing with people that complain just for the sake of complaining.

    • I have no idea what John Wayne is. It’s a delicacy around these parts though. People go nuts when they serve it in the hospital cafeteria!!

      We’re still cool. I just don’t want her as an overnight guest anymore!

  3. Maybe all that fast food has clogged not only her arteries, but her brain too? I have had friends like that whom I went to college with, and they are ‘lovely people’ but, I realized that now that we are older we are just too different for us to have a close relationship…plus they drive me crazy.

  4. My homie came to ATL for Memorial Day. It was a blessed weekend of (not too) drunken debauchery that only single, gainfully employed women can have. I cooked breakfast every morning (except for one, since she had to have Chik-fil-A because they don’t have them in MKE) and we started with adult beverages after 10 am. She was an excellent house guest, we got along great, and she sent the most lovely hostess present (a gift basket of teas and baking mixes from a non profit assisting women in joining the workforce).

  5. Oh, and I am not at the stage where I would allow my friend to force me to eating at CiCis or goldern corral. She would have been promptly told that she needed to upgrade her tastebuds or we could eat at home. I don’t put my foot down that often, but restaurants is one of the areas where I am VERY picky, so don’t come ’round me on some “let’s eat at waffle house” mess. IHOP would have been a fail as well.

  6. i’m deducing she doesnt read this blog!!
    recently we had overnight guests – i think what happens is the overnighter has overblown expectations of the friendship and you’re no longer at that place. it didnt go so well for us, actually it was kind of weird.
    ps – your friend and her daughter eat alot of fast food.

    • Ha! Nope, she doesn’t. Very few people in “real life” know about my blog. I prefer it that way.

      I’ll giver her a pass on her dining choices while she was here. She lives in Pine Bluff where the dining options are pretty limited. IHOP and Cici’s are in Little Rock, so they’re a “treat” for them.

  7. Guess who wouldn’t have been nice about eating Cici’s on her birthday. Pserendipity, that’s who! The only overnighters we’ve had have been mom, sister & Stace. All went fine. I have grown out of some of my high school & college friends, though. It’s mostly when I feel like they haven’t progressed. I don’t want to hear you going through the SAME things you did 10 years ago. GROW UP! I don’t even know what the monkey feet is. I was like does she mean dancing??

  8. Ha Ha! So funny ole girl got all over your nerves. Sometimes time is the best teller on if people will remain friends. And some are definitely best in small doses.

    I havent been to Cici’s pizza in years. It’s fine to go to once a year or so. The kids like it. And I used to stan for Golden Corrall but I just dont like it anymore. The last time we went I couldnt find anything I wanted to eat except the salad bar and those yeast rolls. Those are scrumptious.

    And overnight guests…well you know I have had my fill of them for the past few years. No more for me thanks.

    • I went to Golden Corral a few months back when we were out with a group of friends – I too had salad and rolls. And soft serve ice cream.

      You should never let anyone stay with you again!! Unless Lovegirl and I head that way of course 🙂

  9. You were very kind and accommodating of your friend. She’s lucky to have you. Seems like it’s best that you don’t encourage any more overnight stays though. Ha.

  10. I don’t typically have over night guests unless its a family member or my bestie. Those always go over well. A friend I haven’t seen in a long long time? I don’t know how that would work out.

  11. That was a great story. A 20-year friendship is really something special. Do you think she knows you well enough to realize she was getting on your nerves? lol

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