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Thursday Randoms, Published on Friday.

  • I did not accomplish nine random acts of kindness during my birthday weekend. Apparently one has to leave the confines of home and a stadium parking lot to be truly randomly kind.  I did manage three:  I taped change to a vending machine outside of the student union, I bought a McDonald’s gift card and handed it to a lady in line, and I went inside the neighborhood doughnut shop and handed a guy in line a few dollars and told him to enjoy.  Next year, I will plan better and get nine accomplished!
  • Lovegirl’s class went to the pumpkin patch Tuesday.  The teacher told Lovegirl to hurry up and pick a pumpkin.  Lovegirl told her that she was searching for the crown jewel of pumpkins and that it might take a while.  That child…
  • Mentioned this on Twitter…the D.ollar T.ree sells marijuana testing kits.  Yep, they’re right up front at the register.  Who knew??
  • I scored an awesome mirror at Goodwill the other day for the low-low of $15.  I’m going to stain it a darker shade and lean it against a wall in our bedroom.  Way past time to replace our “temporary” cheap mirror that we’ve had for…9 years.  I’m all kinds of excited.
  • Do you remember specifics from your childhood?  I was talking to Pserendipity last night and she was recalling things she’d done in the first grade.  What?!?  I can’t remember yesterday,  much less things that happened…a while ago 🙂
  • The floor above me at work is being renovated for new office and library space.  I feel like I’ve been at the dentist’s office for the last week.  The constant drilling is working my nerves.  Not to mention one dude sings all the time.  I’m going to send him a request list ’cause I don’t know anything he’s singing and I’d like to hear some of my favorites.
  • I told my pastor last night that I wasn’t enjoying reading the Bible as much now that we’re studying it.  Seems too much like a text book or something.  Yeah, that got me the side-eye.
  • I really only want two things for Christmas this year – a stand mixer and a new oven.  I’m pretty sure one of those will not be happening.
  • One of my latest goals is to learn more American history.  I picked up a couple of books at the library book sale which should help on that front:  A Voyage Long & Strange, and Nixon and Kissinger.  I always thought I had a pretty good base in history, but really, I don’t.
  • I lost my keys at home Wednesday night.  I veered from my usual routine of walking in and immediately hanging them on the key rack.  Could not find them until this morning.  They were hanging one hook over from where I usually put them.  o_O
  • The football players from UAPB and Southern got into a post-game fight on the field last week.  Southern lost and one of their players refused to shake hands with a UAPB player after the game and swung on him – resulting in an on-field free for all.  25 UAPB players were suspended for one game, 5 were suspended for two games, 12 Southern players were suspended for one game.  Dizzamn!  Who’s left to play???  Guess we’ll find out what these sanctions amount to next weekend – this is a bye week for both teams.
  • I’m back in the gym.  Somehow I just realized that I’ll be 40 next year – I cannot afford to let the temple that is my body fall apart.  Back to serious cardio, weights, and stretching.  Gotta keep it right and tight!!!
  • Mmkay, that’s it.  Have a great weekend.  LG has one birthday party and that’s it for us!!  Whoo hoo!  I plan on puttering around the house, reading, and maybe staining the mirror.  That is all and I’m glad about it!  Be well.

6 thoughts on “Thursday Randoms, Published on Friday.

  1. I want a stand mixer for Christmas, too! I already put my mom and Rah on notice!! Yes, crown jewel!! I long for a great Bible study. I definitely enjoy it more when I can dissect it. I definitely remember random things from my childhood. Lots of them. I used to be able to very accurately tell you how old I was when it happened, too.

  2. I LOVE LOVERGIRL!!!!!!!!!!! Crown Jewel? YES! LOL

    Speaking of thrift store finds I purchased three ugly pictures with beautiful frames at one of my fave stores. I am updating my mantle and fireplace for fall and my sister gave me the idea to spray paint or stain empty frames to hang above the fireplace. I was skeptical until she sent me some pictures! I hope you do a before and after so we can see the results!

  3. Yep, I have super vivid memories of my childhood. I think I have a great memory and my mom also made me start keeping a diary/journal when I was 6. I think writing things down sometimes “cements” them into your mind. 3 acts was a good start; I’m sure you’ll master it next year. LOL @ you and the keys! I do stuff like that all the time. Ergh! Hope you guys have a great weekend!

  4. I remember random bits and pieces from my childhood.
    Bible Study – i havent found a group of people that i like to discuss the bible with; i’m not sure why; but its probably one of the reasons i blog.
    have a good weekend.

  5. I can remember my childhood vividly. The specifics of L1, L2,L3 cache that I learned last week, not so much. I have a feeling I’m going to remember that years from now though.

    I go to Southern and I’m not sure why they were so upset when they lose most of their games. -_-

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