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Big Thug Thizzle…And Other Weekend Occurrences

How was your weekend?  Did you party like a rock star?  Chillax the days away?

My weekends are never quite as chill as I plan them out to be in my mind.  But that’s mostly because until now, I’ve pretty much refused to do that 15/20 minutes of housework a day that’s supposed to leave your weekends free.  I think I’m going to try it – for real – this week and see if it works.  Do you break your housework up or do you jump up on Saturday mornings and tackle it all?

Saturday morning we hung around and cleaned up the house.  Lovegirl was not pleased with the amount of time and effort she had to put into cleaning up her rooms.  Yeah, that’s right, rooms.  In addition to her bedroom she’s taken over the guest room and between the two rooms – sister had a lot of work to do.  I’m hoping that this 20 minutes of dedicated housekeeping nightly will help her out too.  Anyway, then we ran errands – picked up a few more fall/winter items for her – including a pair of suede boots for that were unexpectedly on sale for $20!  Thank you Lord 🙂  We also picked up birthday presents for the next two weekends.  I’m telling you – this kid has quite a social calendar!

Saturday night we moved our maxing and relaxing over to Pserendipity’s house.  Where Tim and Smoochy got to talking.  About our blogs.  Now, Smoochy’s always known that I had a blog, but he’s never bothered to read it.  Tim?  Reads Pserendipity’s blog.  For real.  After much discussion about their aliases, they’ve decided they no longer want to be called “Tim” and “Smoochy.”  Um, Tim, your name is Tim.  Nevertheless, they’ve given themselves new blog identities.  You ready?  You’re not ready.  Tim would like to be called….Thug Thizzle.  And Smoochy?  Well, he wants to be called…Big Thug Thizzle.  So….please know that from here out, Smoochy shall be called BTT.

Tim Thug Thizzle also spent a good deal of time talking about how badly he and P whipped BTT and I last time we played spades.  Except they totally lost.  Every game.  I think he really thought they won!  Poor TT!!

Sunday was spent playing hooky from church (it was our church anniversary and…I really don’t like programs) and taking Lovegirl to a birthday party at a local park.  Initially I totally was not feeling the birthday party, but I must say, it was really nice and I had the opportunity to get in a few laps around the park.  So, all in all we had a great weekend!

I don’t think I’ve told y’all yet, but for the next year I will work diligently toward getting back into shape.  I will go to the gym a minimum of 3x a week.  I will make better food choices.  I will start lifting weights again.  I will tone up.  I will turn forty looking fab.  That is all 🙂

Lovegirl (who hasn’t requested a new name…yet) insisted that I get a picture of her in action yesterday.  Here, in all her glory, she is!

Man, I love this kid!!







This week’s manicure: Coalest Day of the Year by Barielle.  My ring finger bling is courtesy of Sinful Colors.

One of my favorite cool weather colors!


13 thoughts on “Big Thug Thizzle…And Other Weekend Occurrences

  1. LMAO @ TT and BTT!!! I gotta catch my breath!! Nope, I don’t much daily cleanup other than helping Little TDJ pick up his toys so I don’t kill myself in the middle of the night. I love spades, but I’m itching for a good game of bid whist! Cute color and a reminder that I need to handle my own pitiful nails. I had a great weekend with family and friends!

    • I tell you, our house was much neater when LG was a baby/toddler than it is now. I really don’t understand it. I don’t know how to play bid whist – spades is it for me! Git ‘r done! Glad your weekend was great!

  2. Each time you use Thug Thizzle’s acronym TT, I’m going to think about restroom activities and not thuggish one’s. I’m just sayin……..

    BTT is not as bad. LOL

    Love the shot of Lovegirl!

    • About that…I’ve got too much going on in my mind…Smoochy shall always be Smoochy!

      Thanks – I’ll tell her you like it – as she pretty much demanded that I get a shot of her in action…

  3. Asking for a new blog name… what a thug do. LG is the best!!!!! I’m gonna try that 15-20 thing today, too. Heck, I’ll try the 10-15 thing and win! I can’t stand church programs, either. Rashan & I always groan when we happen up on one.

  4. 15-20 minutes a day is enough to keep your weekends free? I guess that’s maintenance. At this point, I need to put in an hour a day for lots of days just to get to the point where I can put in 20 min a day. Geez.

    So is Psoyna gonna use TT as well? Like AR Gal, I also think of urination and I’m pretty sure that’s not the look he was going for.

    Yeah for the gym. Get in it girl!

    Love the pic of LG.

    • I’m thinking the 15/20 really may work. Our biggest problem is not putting stuff up immediately – throwing clothes in a chair instead of hanging or hampering them, shoes kicked off when we walk in the door, etc., etc.

      By making sure we put everything up when we come home and picking one other thing to do, we should be good. Last night I cleaned the bathroom. Tonight – or early tomorrow a.m. – I’m going to fold all the laundry I’ve washed. Tomorrow I’ll mop the kitchen and powder room floors. That kind of stuff.

      I’m getting, I’m getting – I’m still waiting for that surge of energy working out is supposed to bring – right now I just feel tired-er!

  5. Love Girl is the social butterfly we all long to be. She does not even have to keep her own calendar! Enjoy it all.

    When I saw BTT I thought you had a new reference for Dr./Mr. 🙂

    I try to avoid church programs at all costs unless we are ALL headed to GMC Missionary Baptist Chuch wit’ yo’ granma! That’s entertaining and spiritual all at the same time.

    I conscientiously strive for 15-20 minutes of housework, cleaning, wipiing down, etc. It has proven to be a life saver. It eliminates most of the frantic Saturday, gotta do housework. Try it. You’ll like it!

    Great nail color! What do you think about my color of the week? Check it out. You like?

    • We got yet another party invitation last night. Darn those partying Girl Scouts!

      No ma’am – that’s your territory alone!!

      Thank you – I like yours as well – a bit on the light side for my tastes, but I really dig the sparkles!

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