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I Support Her Endeavors…

See my title?  Yeah, there’s no way I’d be saying that if Lovegirl ever decided to pose nude or topless.  Apparently E.ddie and N.icole Mu.rphy’s daughter B.ria is going to appear in M.axim magazine soon in various states of undress.  Both parents have expressed their support for their daughter and wish her the best as she pursues an acting career.

I call b.s.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with a naked body.  However, I have no desire for Lovegirl’s to be splayed all over any publication.  And I’d tell her as much.  I realize that all we can do is raise our children to the best of our abilities and that they will do things of which we don’t approve.  But that doesn’t mean we have to cosign on whatever they decide to do in the name of parental support.

Of course, the M.urphys may fully endorse what their child has chosen to do and in that case – rock on.  But I will not be telling Lovegirl that I support her in whatever she does.  Because I don’t/won’t.

I wonder if this is a “Hollywood” phenomenon (K.hardashians anyone?) or if parents all over America are willing to okay whatever it is that Little Johnny/Jane want to do?



8 thoughts on “I Support Her Endeavors…

  1. I totally think that being raised “Hollywood style” has something to do with it. It’s a total different world. There, things like this are accepted and even expected. Plus, she’s grown and has been doing what she wanted for a while anyway. Now for the regular ole janes like you and me, this is utterly unnacceptable. We can’t relate to these parents.

  2. i dont think its a hollywood phonemenom, though its definitely prevalent out here in CA. I didnt notice this when i was in NY, but probably because I was in a different stage of my life.
    Now that I’ve entered motherhood the 2nd time, I see this as a modern parenting mindset. Everything is done for the child..everything. the child can endure no hardship. the child gets whatever they want under the guise of good parenting…and parents dont know why they’re doing what they’re doing except that it makes the child happy.
    I find it appalling, and being so close to it makes me stick to my guns even the more.
    Now why do you put periods in Eddie Murphy’s name, etc..is it for emphasis..did i miss that trick? (just curious)

  3. YOu already know how I feel about this whatever Johnny/Jane wants is fine by me, the mother, and I will support it. But for those of you who do not know. I did, can and still will draw the line at what is appropriate, acceptable and support-worthy. Standards have to be set and observed or the whole world will be going to hell in the proverbial handbasket. Set the rules, stick to them. Live long and prosper.

  4. Bria has wealthy parents. She won’t ever have to compete for an hourly wage job, or compete for a slot at a prestegious University, or stand in an unemployment line. She can act like a dayum fool, or pose nekkid and her Daddy can buy her way to forgiveness. She’ll never HAVE to support herself by herself.

    What kind of acting job do they think she’ll get after this nonsense?

    Eddie and Nicole must think that they are WHITE Hollywood.

  5. She cannot act. At all. I was watching Love That Girl on tvone (don’t judge me) and she had a part in it, and she was so awkward and terrible that I frowned when she opened her mouth. They have to know she’s terrible and that being nekky is the only way she’s going to book jobs. She was soooo bad.

    I’ve already memorized Cla.ir Huxta.ble’s speech from when Vanessa wanted to be in the Lipsticks should a child that I give birth to ever decide to act a fool and display what their momma gave them. I’ll not have it!

    • I do not guess I’ve ever seen her before – I just heard about the spread on T.om Joyner one morning! If she’s got no skills….

      I need to youtube that speech stat – Lovegirl is all about being “fashionable” and I have already had talks with her about what is and what is not appropriate.

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