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What Is Wrong With These People???


Go ahead, watch the video…I’ll wait!



10 thoughts on “What Is Wrong With These People???

  1. Is she serious???? I mean really? iCan’t! Her statements were wrong on SO many levels…and I really don’t have the time or the energy to get into it because I know she is not anywhere near a viable candidate for POTUS. (At least I hope she isn’t)

  2. You’re effing kidding me, right? There is no way in HELL I would vote for that *bleep*….You just had to boil my blood this morning, didn’t you? I’m so done w/ the news today.

  3. See, when I go on vacation I rell people I’m working on my tan. It’s all part of my political aspirations and my personal agenda.

    Some stupidity never needs to be addressed.

  4. I absolutely LOVE free speech! It allows idiots the opportunity to show us who they really are. No need to go digging. I appreciate her saving people the time. NEXT!

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