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Sunday whilst at W.almart I decided that I should start my Christmas shopping.  So I moseyed on back to the bike department and picked out the cutest little bike for Lovegirl.  Rolled it over to the layaway department, paid $25 and patted myself on the back for a job well done.

Got home and told Smoochy what I’d done.

Smoochy: Why did you put the bike in layaway?
Nerd Girl:  So we’d have somewhere to store it until Christmas.  Duh.
Smoochy:  How much was the bike?
Nerd Girl:  $50.  I paid $25.
Smoochy:  Fifty dollars?!? You put a fifty dollar bike in layaway?!? And paid for half of it?  Why?
Nerd Girl:  I just told you, so we’d have somewhere to store it until Christmas.
Smoochy:  When do you have to get it out?
Nerd Girl:  December 16.
Smoochy:  And where are we going to put it from then until Christmas?
Nerd Girl:  Your dad’s.
Smoochy:  So really, you just wanted to put something in layaway.
Nerd Girl:  Yep.

The only other thing I’d ever put on layaway was a couple of outfits from H.ollidays (remember them?) when I was in college.  By the time I got them out two or three paychecks after I’d put them in, I didn’t even like what I’d chosen and got a refund.  I just wanted layaway success in my life and thanks to Lovegirl’s bicycle, I’ve got it!


6 thoughts on “Layaway

  1. Why. Just why? When you get the bike out of layaway, just put it in my storage room. Aidan is going to be STOKED that Lovegirl has a bike now. He’s been angling to be the one to teach her how to ride.

    That should be fun. Or result in death.

  2. bwahahahaha…I know the feeling. Sometimes I just want to participate for no real reason! TJ Maxx in my neck of the woods still does layaway. So I laid-away a bunch of stuff just because I could! LOL

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