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Mother Of The Year!

Oh yeah, that’d be me!  Yesterday I decided that I was taking Lovegirl trick-or-treating.  I’ve written before about how we didn’t celebrate Halloween when I was growing up because it was devilish, satanic, and all that jazz.  And then my mother confessed she didn’t feel like hassling with costumes for four children. o_O.

I’ve always taken LG to a church harvest festival and called it a day.  Then I decided why the heck shouldn’t I take her trick-or-treating?  Was the mere act of ringing on a doorbell and hollering “trick or treat” going to render her an immediate satanist?  I thought not.  So I picked that chick up from school and told her that when it got dark I was taking her trick-or-treating.  I’m telling you – she was so excited and happy that I thought I might cry!  I didn’t, but I thought I might.

Her little worrisome friend H’s grandmother called and asked if she could tag along with whatever we were doing.  Sigh.  Sure.  So off we went into that dark night – LG dressed as a fairy and H dressed as vampira.  Those chicks had so much fun!  It only took about an hour for their little buckets to get full – so we called it a night a little after 7.

She got a great stash – lots of good candy (from which I will refrain!)  The only “busts” of the night were a fortune cookie and a box of mini raisins.  And really, those aren’t busts because she was just as excited about those as she was about the butterfingers and kit kats.

Anyhoo, I’m glad I took her.  Probably won’t do it again, but I’m glad that my little fairy was able to light up the night last night.

Not trick-or-treating?  One family tradition I’m glad I did away with at least this one time!  Have you ever thrown caution to the wind and said to heck with doing/not doing something just because that’s the way your family “always” did/didn’t do it?  How’d that work out for ya?


16 thoughts on “MOTY!

  1. Technically my mom would not take us trick or treating, but we would dress up and go around and collect money for UNICEF. Remember those little boxes with the handles and the money slit on top? Yep, we would go from house to house carrying those boxes and yelling UNICEF. LOL! So, I never got into the Halloween thing. But, I did learn a valuable lesson in doing charitable work. 🙂

  2. “Have you ever thrown caution to the wind and said to heck with doing/not doing something just because that’s the way your family “always” did/didn’t do it? How’d that work out for ya?”

    Ha! Have I? LOL! Yes indeed. I’ve always been the one to go against the grain. Once I became comfortable with the idea that it’s okay to do things differently (because hey it’s my life), doing things my way got much easier.

    As far as Halloween goes, I can count on one hand (not using many fingers) the number of times I went trick-or-treating as a child. It wasn’t because of religious convictions, we just didn’t go most times. If we ever have a kid, I would have no problem taking the spawn out to rack up on candy. I think it’s a great way to bond with kids and create some good memories.

  3. I felt so bad when my son was 11 and he told me that he had NEVER been trick-or-treating. YIKE! I felt so bad. How did that happen? So I just blamed his Dad and let him go with the neighborhood kids.

  4. As for your question, AR Gal took the response right out of my mouth! lol

    This year was my 1st time taking Jas Trick or Treating. Last year she had just turned 1 So i really didn’t see the point. She had a good time doing it too and looked very cute in her Minnie mouse costume. She said trick or treat and thank you when the goods were handed over.

  5. ROTFL @ Mama Sez’s reason! Hilarity! My mom was HELLBENT against us trick or treating for Satanist purposes. And our “Harvest Festival” at church reached non-lame proportions after we were too old. (We just liked it for the candy anyway… and my friends’ mom used to take them trick or treating and THEN bring them to church. Oh we hated HARD on them for that!!) Ummm… I love dressing up for ANY occasion. And Rah loves handing out candy. Methinks our children will be participating in Halloween, church or not. I agree w/your sentiment. So when we have babychildren, that will be the tradition we gleefully throw out of the window as well. (His mom allowed them to Halloween it up.)

    • Trick or treating AND church? That’s just all kinds of wrong!

      As I sorted through – and tested – Lovegirl’s candy, I decided she’ll definitely to again 🙂 Next year I’mma need people to distribute stuff I like – Hot Tamales, Sweet Tarts and Lemonheads por favor!!

  6. In my defense: I was more than willing to go the store and buy yall some candy. Eliminate the middle man. Plus you know all 3 of your brothers managed to get their Trick or Treat on with their various reasons for being at their firends house. Party King would have a school project and have to go “study” once a year. I remember Napoleon and The Riddler coming home with smudged make-up all over their faces: mustaches, molds/warts, blackened eyes, and traces of eye shadow.

    Now that I think about it, you may have been the only one with no candy on November 1!

    I’m glad Love Girl enjoyed herself. Start working on her costume for next year.

    • Mother. You may have been willing, but you didn’t. Honey sesame bars do.not.count!!!

      Figures, the one kid with ovaries loses again!!! I see a lot of privileges were extended to those dudes that I wasn’t privy to. Boooooooo!!!

      • You seem to be too picky and hard to please. I’ll make it up to you. I’ll get you some of your favorite candy — for Halloween 2012. *Pucker lips* MmmmWaaaa *Wipe drool*

  7. Way to go MATY!!!! I loved dressing up and trick or treating growing up. So far, Little TDJ has mastered dressing up, but the trick or treating not so much. *lol* We’ll try again next year!

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