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Do Y’all Think

I could make this (or a reasonable facsimile thereof):








Using these?







I love the look of that full wall of shelves, and since I cannot afford to have anyone custom make those cabinets for me…would the laminate from Tar-jhay look too cheap??


13 thoughts on “Do Y’all Think

  1. Ohhh pretty. I say do it, do it, do it. I think it would be nice. Won’t be exactly the same but it will be close. You gotta use what you can get your hands on in order to make you place into the place you want it to be. Be sure to post before and after pictures!

  2. Absolutely. Also, if there is an Ikea near you, they have affordable shelving too. And, they have front facades like the first photo that is interchangeable between their products. Aslo, check out this website for some fun ideas http://www.ikeahackers.net/. Have fun! I love DIY projects like this.

    • I was just about to suggest Ikea. Those Target shelves look more like closet organizers in person–I think we actually found them in the closet section. The Ikea ones are much sturdier.

  3. I have some cubes from target that are extremely durable. Go for it! Are you looking for that size? That wall would overwhelm me (what do I put in here??? I hope nothing kills me in my sleep…).

  4. That wall of shelves is pretty nifty looking. I guess my question is, are you THAT crafty? It doesn’t look like you really have to be to make that. You’d def need a nail gun tho lol

  5. If you are handy like that or good with tools. I agree with also checking out Ikea. We put up a wall size shelves in my son’s room years ago and they are still standing. We got it from Ikea. WARNING: there were 1000000 pieces to it.

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