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I Can’t Breathe

Okay, I’m being a bit – just a bit – melodramatic.  I can breathe just fine.

Today’s the day.  Mississippians will vote for a new Governor, Lt. Governor and on three initiatives.  The BIG one for me being 26 – The Personhood Amendment.

I promise I’ll stop blogging about this (fingers crossed behind my back) but I just really, really hope that this thing does not pass.

I cannot imagine living in a state where certain birth control options (pills and the IUD) are illegal.  Where the morning after pill is not available to rape or incest victims.  Where the life of the mother is irrelevant.  Where women’s options as it pertains to their bodies, their lives are gone.

Somebody call me in the morning and let me know how things turned out – if I watch the returns I’ll probably stroke out.


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