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And The Award Goes To…






Welcome to Nerd Girl’s 1st (annual, bi-annual, weekly?) Side-Eye Award Ceremony.

This go-round? We’ve got three awardees:

  • Penn State University.  I’m not a lawyer, don’t pretend to be one.  The only thing I remember from my two law classes?  Quid pro quo.  And that’s just because I like the way it sounds.  Anyhoo…I don’t know what the law says the administration, coaches, grad assistants should’ve done concerning the Sa.ndusky abuse allegations, but I do do know that common sense and moral decency should’ve sent one, some, most, all of them running to the police.  I pray to God above that if anyone I know ever sees a child being abused they won’t just tell their boss and walk away.
  • R.ick P.erry.  Did y’all watch the debate?  Sir, save yourself and your supporters time, money, and dignity.  Drop out now.
  • E.ddie M.urphy. This dude decided not to host the Oscars because his friend /director got in trouble for using a gay slur. Oh, okay.

Who else should receive a side-eye this go ’round?  Anybody/thing rubbing you the wrong way right about now??


9 thoughts on “And The Award Goes To…

  1. A BIG side-eye to those Penn State student who turned over cars and stated fires. They all need to be whooped with a belt.

  2. I just want to know how multiple people SAW. SAW. it happening and “were disturbed” but just told their boss. And then none of those people saw fit to take it to the police. The levels of inaction are despicable. You are just as responsible for what happened to that child, potentially again, and other children after him. Ugh! It makes me so sick!

  3. All of these deserve two side eyes. You are so right, Rick Perry needs to drop out now. He clearly has no clue.

    The Penn State issue is a sad case all the way around. I pray for complete healing for the boys affected.

  4. I wouldn’t necessarily give Eddie a side eye. The way I understood it the guy who got kicked out was the one who chose Eddie. So Eddie would have had to work with a different producer (who he may or may not gel with). I thought he bowed out gracefully rather than dealing with any conflict that may arise.

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