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My bad…

I’ve posted before about how non-fond of meetings I am.  I have the attention span of a gnat and I think most people call meetings just to hear themselves talk.

Anyhoo, yesterday afternoon I was in a meeting.  With two other people.  My boss and the statistics dude.  We were discussing the best way to go about testing students so that we’d get the cleanest data.  I’d started daydreaming around the time I heard “bias” for the gazillionth time.

***la, la, la. I guess we’ll finish those pinto beans tonight. Is it going to be warm for the game on Saturday? Should I buy shoes or a vacuum cleaner? I hope Lovegirl’s doing okay today.  I need to wash my hair….***

Boss:  Nerd Girl?  Nerd Girl?  Nerd Girl!?!
Nerd Girl:  Hmm?
Boss:  I was asking you if you thought color mattered?
Nerd Girl:  In post-racial America?  Nope.
Boss:  I was referring to the color of the scantron sheets.
Nerd Girl:  Oh. Well, the answer’s still no.



14 thoughts on “My bad…

  1. Okay that was spit my juice funny!! I abhor meetings! I mean like kill yo’self hate. I can just imagine the facial expressions at your answer? Bwhahaa!

  2. Sooooooooooooooo, you know they are going to send out another meeting request now to discuss post-racial America right? That’s how it works at my plantation anyway. LOL!

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