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Flowing From My Heart Is Gratefulness…

As we get ready to celebrate another season of Thanksgiving with friends and family from near and far, with tables filled with plenty of tasty treats from which to choose let’s take a moment and reflect upon those things for which we are thankful. Shall we?

I’ll start:  The health and happiness of my family and friends. My husband. My daughter.  Traveling grace for my parents as they travel internationally and nationally. Stability. God’s grace and mercy.  Music. Peace. Employment. Choices. November temperatures in the high 70s. Good childcare. Healing. Lack of need. Football. Tacos. My iPhone. The ability to calm. Babies. Nail polish. The ability to bless others.

This song:

What are you thankful for?

I wish you and yours the happiest of Thanksgivings.  Stay blessed.


29 thoughts on “Flowing From My Heart Is Gratefulness…

  1. Great post! I am thankful for: wonderful friends and family, a job I truly enjoy and challenges me, peace, a growing relationship with God, my health, my apartment (I can be a loner at times), my small group, a smart boss, discernment. 🙂

    • It’s wonderful to spend a good portion of our day at a great job with a smart boss! These places/people aren’t just fairy tales…who knew? 🙂

      Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

  2. I am thankful for being in a somewhat peaceful place..finally. I am learning to live life day by day something that I am slowly getting good at and I see the tremendous effect it has had on my family and marriage. I am thankful for our health, a roof over our heads and food to eat. We take these small things for granted.

    I know that song well. I love it in fact, but I couldn’t click it. It makes me cry to think how wonderful God is even when we are so undeserving!

    Happy Thanksgiving.

    • Isn’t it wonderful what happens when we really, truly leave our worries in God’s hands? I’m glad that you and peace are making each others acquaintance!

      Enjoy your family!

  3. What am I thankful for?
    The first time a young lady sang this at our church she couldn’t continue because she had just recovered from brain surgery and she was on the stage able to sing; she was around 15 or 16…still gives me goosebumps.
    I’m grateful for God and the gift of salvation; my health; my husband and children; a roof over my head; the ability to learn; my job; kitchen appliances that make life easier; kindness of strangers; blogland and bloggers like you…..
    have a wonderful thanksgiving.

    • I can only imagine! And I totally second you on those kitchen appliances! My husband always thinks I’m kidding when I say “Thank you Lord for a refrigerator,” but I’m totally not!

      Hope your day is great.

  4. I’m thankful for: My parents-my foundation, my son – the light of my life, my nephew – my heart, my boyfriend – my sweetie, my family – my all, my friends- they give me joy, laughter and I’m so glad that I have them, my cat John, a good job, a great education, this Earth – it is big and wide and wonderful, GOD, FREEDOM and CHOICES!

    Have a Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving everyone!

  5. I am thankful for having a personal relationship with God, Salvation, Grace and Mercy, Family, Food, Clothing, Shelter, Lack of Need, my job, living in the USA, my education, and for bloggers/people like you who remind me just how blessed I am!!!!!

  6. I am thankful for: friends who are so much more than just friends, my parents, my children, my boyfriend, my job, my education, health that is on the mend, having everything I need and fulfilling my goals to get everything I want, and lastly, I’m thankful for God’s mercy and blessings on my life.

  7. I’m thankful for friends that will come to your house to check on you even though they’re creeped out; friends that love your kids as if they’re theirs; friends that listen to your Mom when neither one of you gets it; friends who hate buying appliances, so you get company on random weeknights; friends who make sure you leave on time for work; friends who talk you through it; friends whose husbands exchange pork and Remy and tales of thug life (or not so much); friends with wisdom, laughter, and love!

  8. The healthy and happiness of my family and friends. My child, my honey. My family and friends who I consider family. My health, being stress free, having a wonderful support system, my job, being able, love and happiness. And being blessed to have been on the earth 31yrs (my bday is on sat)

    I hope you guys have a great holiday as well.

  9. My choir used to sing this song! Girl! I had a come to Jesus moment praise session just now! I am just grateful to be alive and thankful for all that living entails. You have a wonderful Thanksgiving also!!!

  10. I posted sentiments close to this, along with this song a few weeks ago. Love it! And it’s my go too song when I’m simply too overwhelmed at my blessings. I’m grateful for God’s love, the love and support of my husband, family, and friends, the best little son that I could ever have prayed for, my health and my sanity. As the song says, I could on and on and on and on, but I won’t. Happy Thanksgiving!

    • …and so you did! I don’t know how I missed that post! I’m sorry, I wasn’t trying to bite! I guess there’s enough thankfulness and gratefulness to go around!!

      Happy Thanksgiving!!!

  11. ok. i love that you included your iphone. lol. i am thankful for everyday that presents itself, giving me another chance to get it right. i am currently participating in the 30 days of thanks on my blog. it’s good to reflect on all the things that we are thankful for – big and small. i am also thankful to get back to blogging again, which will strengthen my writing. and … i am thankful to reconnect with friends from my initial blogging days.

    happy thanksgiving to all!

  12. Great post!!! I am thankful for Comic Book and Sci-Fi Conventions, my family, my bestfriends, Uncharted 3 for PS3, tolerance for others and from others, for bouncing back from a really bad break-up a few years ago, my skull and crossbone chuck taylors, other nerds!

  13. I’m feeling thankful for absolutely everything. I ran into an old childhood friend recently and I saw how very different our lives were and how easily mine could have different. That was a powerful moment for which I’m thankful.

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