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Random All Up and Through This Joint

  • With the recent deaths of…several overweight young male (you know, my age) entertainers I once again attempted to talk to Smoochy about dropping some poundage.  His answer:  I bought more life insurance.  Pray for us.  Seriously.
  • I only knew about P.atrice O’Neal’s comedy from stuff like VH1’s “Best of…” shows (don’t judge me!), but was watching some clips of his last night early this morning when I should’ve been sleep.  Dude was hilarious!!! RIP.
  • Don’t forget book club discussion of “The Hunger Games” is next Monday, December 5.  I read it over the course of two days, so even if you haven’t started – it’s not too late!
  • I’ve seen two reports about the new face of hunger in America.  Am I being too racially/economically sensitive if I point out that hunger has always been present in this wealthy country of ours, but only now that the faces are…paler and/or in different ZIP codes does it seem to warrant journalistic attention?
  • I think there may be crack in those Chick-Fil-A chicken mini biscuits.  Those things are damned delicious!
  • I have a meeting this morning.  Let’s hope history does not repeat itself.
  • I was really pissed that no one made pound cake for Thanksgiving. Operation Buy A New Stove before Christmas is so on!
  • I just realized that I get a “free” check this month.  Guess I’ll be buying the aforementioned stove with it.  And converting Lovegirl’s bed from toddler (shame!) to full-sized. I’m ready for her to stop using the guest room as her second bedroom/playroom.
  • I started a pair of earrings last night.  And by started I mean I took everything out of the packages.  And realized the beads I bought are the wrong size for the hoops I bought.  Back to Hobby Lobby I shall go.  My projects always end up costing more money that I planned…
  • Speaking of Hobby Lobby, I was in line behind the world’s least intelligent woman last night.  Ma’am.  It’s a 50% off sale.  You don’t have to ask how much every.single.thing.is.  It’s not like they were having a 67.37% off sale.  Geez.
  • Smoochy came home this morning before Lovegirl and I left.  Yeah, that was me standing in the kitchen with Lovegirl behind my back and a butcher knife in my hand.  Dude.  I’ve asked you to call and make your impending presence known.
  • Have y’all heard of a favorite things party?  I so think I’m throwing one early next year.  Everybody brings 3 of their favorite things – under $6 each – and everyone leaves with 3 things to try out.  Fun!
  • That damn meeting was 1.75 hours long. And now I’m angry.

30 thoughts on “Random All Up and Through This Joint

  1. More life insurance huh? Tell Smoochy to get up off his arse and make sure you dont need it!
    We had watched Patrice O’neal’s stand up about a month ago cuz we heard it was good. Ole dude was funny. Too bad.
    I keep forgetting to get the book. I guess I will try one more time before I officially declare my non-participation.
    That favorite things party sounds like fun. I wanna come!

    • If only he would listen! In my heart I know he won’t make a move until he’s ready to do so – I just hope that his moment of realization doesn’t come too late.

      No such thing as officially declaring your non-participation! So there 🙂

  2. Debbie Downer here: My best friend lost her husband a few months ago. He refused to go to a doctor and what he self-diagnosed as the flu ended up as endocarditis. His nephews and family are still in a tailspin. Black men are falling off like moths to a flame because of poor or less than healthy lifestyle choices, and I’m not even referring to anything like drugs, alcohol or illicit sex. I mean just the everyday brother on the grind not watching diet and exercise. I am so angry at him for being so stubborn and irrational, which is obviously pointless now. Please, this is real life and we don’t know how long we have. I know this message may be seen as tacky because I don’t know you and I’m certainly not trying to intimidate or scare you. I just don’t want anyone, ANYONE to feel the way my friend and her family does if it can be helped. I had to get this off my chest…feel free to delete this and I hope the best for your family.

    • No worries – it would take a lot for me to delete a comment. I’m not even sure what…

      I appreciate your concern. It’s one of those situations where he’s got to be more concerned about his health. I can’t do it for him. If he were my child, yes. But I have no clue as to how to get an almost 40 year old man to do something about a situation that he’s not at all concerned with. I go back and forth between moaning and groaning, bitching and whining about it to just turning it over and refusing to worry about it anymore. Until I do again.

  3. Lawd at Smoochy’s response. These men! LOL.

    No you are NOT being too racially or economically insensitive. I feel the SAME way as you about that. SMDH.

    Ma’am, if you make those earrings, I will buy a pair from you! #imsoserious

    Ohhh that three things party sounds really fun!

  4. So funny, “Speaking of Hobby Lobby, I was in line behind the world’s least intelligent woman last night. Ma’am. It’s a 50% off sale. You don’t have to ask how much every.single.thing.is. It’s not like they were having a 67.37% off sale. Geez.”

  5. I hope he makes a change soon! Chicken minis are fantabulous! The Hobby Lobby chick? Please. One of daughter’s has a habit of standing over you while you’re sleep, saying nothing. She scares the crap out of me. If she wasn’t on her own now I would buy her a cow bell!

  6. Try out mucho gusto. It’ll change him!! I don’t like the minis. Perhaps I’ll read The Hunger Games, and I’m being totally serious. What’s it about? You’re making earrings? Yay! Congrats on making it through the meeting without any political commentary.

    • And I’ve been laughing about mucho gusto for dos dias. You don’t appreciate bread the way you should – SMH. Mmmm hmmm. Sure you will. If I find the right beads I am. Thank you. ‘Twas truly an effort.

  7. That favorite things party sounds awesome. I could see it as a solely makeup or hair product swap too.

    I’m definitely participating in the book club discussion this month. I’ve missed the last couple although I have been catching up on my own (sorta). I read My Soul to Keep recently and I got about 350 pages into Manning Marable’s book on Malcolm X and got tired of carrying it around.

    Re: the Smoochy thing. The only thing more frustrating than seeing someone you love show complete disregard for their health or safety is trying to convince a stubborn adult to do something they don’t want to. I hope he changes his mind up on this soon.

    • You already know – I’m hoping someone will bring nail polish 🙂

      Yay! That Marable book was ridiculously long – I should’ve at least gotten some defined arm muscles from lugging it around. Any suggestions for February’s book?

      Me too Akima. Me too.

  8. Some people aren’t ever going to care about those in need until those in need look more like them. My mom’s the one who is overweight and not doing anything about it. She always has some plan that’s going to change everything and it always falls through. I keep hoping she’s not going to wait until it’s too late, too. I’m not big on mini anything but I’m always down for a Chickfila chicken biscuit!!! I hate long meetings. They are never ever worth the time. I wish I could play favorite things!!! Is it wrong that I’m amused at the idea of you wielding a knife? May you never have to use it for anything but chopping!

    • I’m not sure why I love the minis the way I do – since I know they’re just nuggets on little biscuits! Actually, I do know. I don’t like large pieces of meat. I’d rather eat 10 nuggets than one patty. Nah, it’s not wrong. I was rather amused myself! Hopefully your mom and my husband will get it together and soon.

  9. You know all too well that I OVERSTAND you regarding Smoochy’s health. LOL @ 50% off being a tough concept. Never heard of a favorite things party, but it sounds like fun. Heck, any excuse for a party is cool with me. Dang, I won’t get to participate in this book discussion either. Maybe next month. Little TDJ will be 3 in January and he’s still in a crib. With rails. **crickets** No judgement here! *lol*

    • I so love the fact that he’s still in a crib! Makes me feel better about our “relaxed” parenting ;). She really did price check every single item. I was throwing side-eyes like they were lethal weapons!

  10. I hope hr was only semi joking and will get on some sort of healthy living plan

    Wait what do you mean toddler bed? Not one like my 2yr old sleeps in right?

    Patrice oneal was very funny. I’m sure the comedy world will miss him

    That party does sound like fun

    • Oh no. He really increased his insurance. And while I appreciate his thoughtfulness….I’mma need him to get up get out and do something.

      Pretty much, yeah. We bought a convertible bed for her: crib-toddler bed-full sized. She’s basically sleeping in her crib with the front taken off. When she sleeps in her room that is. She’s usually in the guest room.

  11. Begins to pray for Smoochy immediately. I tend to date men in that age group so them dropping off has me very alarmed! Seriously!

    Patrice O’neal was hilarious and will be missed.

    Meetings Ugh! Again MEETINGS UGH!

    I have heard so much about these chicken biscuits all over blog land. I MUST have one! Can you believe Chick fil A is not that hot in the Bay?

    I love everything about gifting favorite things! Sounds super fun!!

  12. When my EX turned 50 he was reluctant to go to the Dr for all of those “age 50, bend over and cough” tests. I sent in my big guns, our daughter with tear filled eyes asking her Daddy to please take all of those test because she wanted him around to walk her down the aisle someday. SCORE!!!! There are some fights where I’m willing to cheat to win.

    You didn’t have pound cake on T-Day, and I didn’t have Sweet potato pie!!!! Really, where in Black America is that possible?

    • Oh believe me, LG and I have double teamed him. I guess I need to work on getting her to cry on command!!

      We definitely could’ve switched! I like sweet potato pie. I LOVE pound cake!

      Congratulations again on your engagement!!! 🙂

  13. Men. I’ve found that Dr. Oz works wonders. A well placed “hmmm” seems to make my husband take notice.
    I’m feeling quite deprived as the closest Hob Lob is 62 miles away, and the only Chick Fil A in town requires a train ride.
    We had no dessert on turkey day. The baby’s cinnamon sweet potatoes were the closest I came to pie.

  14. late to the party but…Smoochy won’t change until Smoochy changes. Can you try reverse psychology on him? or maybe tell him about the guys at work who like to spend just a little too much time talking to you? or agree to have a baby boy if he gets healthier?

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