Make it Rain!

Yesterday, I came home and found a box on my doorstep – my blogland Secret Santa gift had arrived!  Yes!  LG almost knocked me over rushing to pick it up.  No ma’am – this one is for mama 🙂

Resisting the temptation to peek at the postage label, I tore into the package and was/am just tickled to death at what I found!

Two of the cutest pairs of knee socks, a blank journal, and two bags – one filled with candy and one filled with mini nail polishes!

Absolutely marvelous!










After I stopped squealing, I opened up the bags and started squealing all over again!  10 little bottles of nail polish and a goo gob of sweet, sugary deliciousness – lemonheads, now n laters, hot tamales, nerds, pop rocks, jolly ranchers, and giant chewy sweet tarts. Love. Them. All.

My candy stash may be a box or two lighter this morning 🙂











I have no idea who my Secret Santa is, but I sure do appreciate your kindness!  I didn’t see anything I’d consider a hint…the socks are from Target, the journal has hints of teal, and the tissue paper was purple…but I’ll venture a guess and say Nineteen Sixty Nine??

Thank you so very much – I’m going to enjoy it all!!!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everybody! See you in 2012!!! (Or next week – haven’t decided yet!)


I Apologize

Apparently my confessions of not caring all that much for Stevie Wonder and/or Mary J Blige yesterday caused a bit of an uproar in blogland.  And by uproar, I mean a couple of people are “no longer speaking to me” or are bullying me on Facebook.  But you know me, I’m all about peace.  So I spent yesterday evening listening to works by both Mr. Wonder and Ms. Blige and I admit – I was wrong.  Both are awesome artists, all their songs are marvelous, and I spent loads of good money downloading their songs to my phone. The joy their music brings me is indescribable.


I like what I like!!! And this cyber bullying is not going to change my mind.  I was born this way!!!

Randoms On Wednesday

  • One of my work-friends says he won’t be able to talk to me anymore since I confessed that I don’t like most of Stevie Wonder’s music.  My bad.
  • Listening to R.ickey Smi.ley this morning reminded me I’m not a big Mary J B.lige fan either…
  • I have a new admirer at work. He waits for me every morning so we can cross the street together.  I need to start arriving 2 minutes earlier or later.
  • Why do people always talk about tangled Christmas tree lights? Mine never tangle. Do yours?
  • We’re going to be here for the entire Christmas break. I don’t think we’ve ever done this before – makes me want to cry.
  • I bought a new iron. A Rowenta. Life.Changing. OMG!!!
  • Did you watch last night’s RHOA? I fear I gave Sheree way more credit than I should have. She doesn’t seem like she has any common sense at all. None.
  • And why did Khandi and that chick have toys spread all over the restaurant table?
  • I think I’m going to stop cursing in 2012. I don’t curse a lot, but I’ve realized that my speech is definitely not always pleasing to God.
  • I’m also trying to talk myself into not buying any nail polish in 2012.  Giving up cursing might be easier.
  • I found two dressers on Craigslist that I really want. But I’m kind of scared to go look at them.
  • Lovegirl was at the gym day care and they were having a dance off. After playing J Biebs, S Gomez and whoever else is hot with the 6-12 crowd the lady asked what else they wanted to hear.  LG requested the Red Hot Chili Peppers. That kid slays me.
  • I made a yarn wreath. Not really crazy about it, but I made it, it took longer than I thought and there’s no way I wasn’t going to hang it on the front door.  In real life my felt flowers are cranberry and deep green.  And the ribbon matches.  I think.









And here’s a gratuitous shot of my favorite child playing in the snow. Any by snow, I mean soap bubbles.  We were at the Agriculture Museum’s Christmas Open House.










Anyhoo, that’s what’s shaking.  What’s up in your corner of the world?

Dear Santa…

It’s time for Christmas in blogland once again!  In an effort to make things easier for the lovely lady who has pulled my name, here’s my wishlist.  Please know that I’m thankful for whatever you send my way.  I’m always happy to get mail that’s not a bill 🙂

What a Nerd Wants Would Greatly Appreciate:

1.  This purse.  It’s only $400 $398.  Too much?







2.  iTunes gift cards.  You can never go wrong with the gift of music 🙂

3.  Patterned socks.  Knee socks are particularly lovely.

4.  Thinner thighs.  Oh wait, that’s on me.  My bad.

5.  Jewelry.  But not bracelets.  Apparently I have hands the size of lumberjacks and bracelets made for mere mortals don’t fit over my man hands.  O_o.

6.  I love to read.  Barnes and Noble is a beautiful store.

7.  Kid candy – Lemonheads, Mango licorice, Hot Tamales, Smarties.  I’m nothing if not sophisticated.

8.  A blank book.  For my sermon notes.

Hope this helps!

What, dear reader, are you hoping Santa shimmies down the chimney and brings you??

Ready, Set, Read!

Ready?  It’s time for the next book club selection.  Make that the next two book club selections.

Monday – January 23 – Angel of Harlem by Kuwana Haulsey.

Monday – February 27 – The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks by Rebecca Skloot.

Please let me know if there’s something you would like to read and discuss with the group and we’ll get it on the schedule.

Remember – there’s a “Book Club” category over there on the right where you can always check in and see our most recent choices and discussion dates.

Thanks again to everyone who participated in the last discussion!  If you haven’t joined us yet, feel free!  Happy reading y’all!

The Hunger Games

Well….what’d y’all think?

I really enjoyed this book.  Initially I didn’t think I would – I’m quick to toss a book aside if it doesn’t catch my attention in the first few pages – but I hung in there and wound up devouring it rather quickly.

So I could totally see the events in this book occurring.  And I think that’s why I enjoyed the book as much as I did.  I’ve realized that as long as something seems remotely possible to me, I can handle it.  Star Trek, Vulcans and all that jazz – not my style.  But this type of futuristic fiction is cool with me.

I’m looking forward to finishing the trilogy.  Which I didn’t know was written for young adults until someone’s husband (ahem, Jameil!) clowned me about our selection on the Twitter.

Anyhoo, I’ve actually got to work today (I worked last week – this is getting ridiculous!) so I’m just going to drop in throughout the day and contribute to the conversation I hope y’all will start in 3…2…1…

Here are some prompts to get the discussion started.  Answer these or feel free to just tell us what you thought!  I’ll be back 🙂

  1. How quickly did you read The Hunger Games?
  2. Did your perception of Peeta change over the course of The Hunger Games?
  3. Do you think the glamorization of the Games and the treatments of its stars before they are sent off to die is a reflection of anything in our modern society?
  4. Do you think Katniss will be able to choose and keep love or will she have to make the ultimate sacrifice?