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Dear Santa…

It’s time for Christmas in blogland once again!  In an effort to make things easier for the lovely lady who has pulled my name, here’s my wishlist.  Please know that I’m thankful for whatever you send my way.  I’m always happy to get mail that’s not a bill 🙂

What a Nerd Wants Would Greatly Appreciate:

1.  This purse.  It’s only $400 $398.  Too much?







2.  iTunes gift cards.  You can never go wrong with the gift of music 🙂

3.  Patterned socks.  Knee socks are particularly lovely.

4.  Thinner thighs.  Oh wait, that’s on me.  My bad.

5.  Jewelry.  But not bracelets.  Apparently I have hands the size of lumberjacks and bracelets made for mere mortals don’t fit over my man hands.  O_o.

6.  I love to read.  Barnes and Noble is a beautiful store.

7.  Kid candy – Lemonheads, Mango licorice, Hot Tamales, Smarties.  I’m nothing if not sophisticated.

8.  A blank book.  For my sermon notes.

Hope this helps!

What, dear reader, are you hoping Santa shimmies down the chimney and brings you??


12 thoughts on “Dear Santa…

  1. that is a very cute bag.

    I have no idea what to say i want when people ask so I always hope I don’t get that question lol. My honey asked the other day and I changed the subject.

  2. When I made my list, I didn’t even bother to look at clothes and shoes. So unlike me! ROTFL @ thin thighs & lumberjack hands! You are crazy!! I dig your list!

  3. I, too, have lumberjack hands. I thought I couldn’t wear bangles until, one day, the woman who gifted these hands to me, sat me down and showed me how to pull my thumb in so that bangles slip over my lumberjack hands easily. I wish she’d shown me this trick before I was 28 and had had WAY too many panicky, close calls with trying on bracelets while shopping…. Anyway….

    Ideally…I’d get a gold Mi.chae.l K.or.s oversized watch for Christmas, a cute ski jacket, and some cash to put toward a plane ticket to the D.R. in January. *sigh*

  4. Great List! That is a FAB bag! I see DB is doing it big this season!! OMG Lemon-heads LOVE them! So if “someone” got you the Suzanne Somers thighmaster. that’d be a great gift right? 😀

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