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Randoms On Wednesday

  • One of my work-friends says he won’t be able to talk to me anymore since I confessed that I don’t like most of Stevie Wonder’s music.  My bad.
  • Listening to R.ickey Smi.ley this morning reminded me I’m not a big Mary J B.lige fan either…
  • I have a new admirer at work. He waits for me every morning so we can cross the street together.  I need to start arriving 2 minutes earlier or later.
  • Why do people always talk about tangled Christmas tree lights? Mine never tangle. Do yours?
  • We’re going to be here for the entire Christmas break. I don’t think we’ve ever done this before – makes me want to cry.
  • I bought a new iron. A Rowenta. Life.Changing. OMG!!!
  • Did you watch last night’s RHOA? I fear I gave Sheree way more credit than I should have. She doesn’t seem like she has any common sense at all. None.
  • And why did Khandi and that chick have toys spread all over the restaurant table?
  • I think I’m going to stop cursing in 2012. I don’t curse a lot, but I’ve realized that my speech is definitely not always pleasing to God.
  • I’m also trying to talk myself into not buying any nail polish in 2012.  Giving up cursing might be easier.
  • I found two dressers on Craigslist that I really want. But I’m kind of scared to go look at them.
  • Lovegirl was at the gym day care and they were having a dance off. After playing J Biebs, S Gomez and whoever else is hot with the 6-12 crowd the lady asked what else they wanted to hear.  LG requested the Red Hot Chili Peppers. That kid slays me.
  • I made a yarn wreath. Not really crazy about it, but I made it, it took longer than I thought and there’s no way I wasn’t going to hang it on the front door.  In real life my felt flowers are cranberry and deep green.  And the ribbon matches.  I think.









And here’s a gratuitous shot of my favorite child playing in the snow. Any by snow, I mean soap bubbles.  We were at the Agriculture Museum’s Christmas Open House.










Anyhoo, that’s what’s shaking.  What’s up in your corner of the world?


10 thoughts on “Randoms On Wednesday

  1. I am at LMAO at you arriving 2 min earlier or later!

    I’m Mary J’s earlier works (My Life, Whats the 411) fan but this new stuff…meh.

    My Christmas lights ALWAYS tangle. I’m assuming it’s b/c I take them off the tree and throw them in the box. No organization involved, whatsoever. smh.

    I did watch #RHOA and well you saw my comments. LOLL!!!

    I have also decided to stop cursing in 2012. I can give a sailor his run for his money (Wait, that’s not something to be proud of huh? LOL)

    Since it’s still 2011, I’ll go ahead and tell you this…CVS has makeup and nail polish for 50-75% off right now. I got 6 Sally Hansen nail polishes and a mascara for $8 yesterday (I’m your pusher! LOLL)

    I like your wreath!!!

    LG is soooooooooooooooooooo cute.

    My world right now can be classified as: organized chaos.

  2. My Randoms to Go With Yours

    *Today is Thing2’s birthday (The Things are my godkids)

    *I’ve found a new radio station that plays music more than people talk

    *In the morning I don’t want to hear the radio hosts talk about K-Dash or the rest of the clan.

    *I also don’t want to hear them talk about urinating on themselves & sending the pics to others…then having the nerve to be upset that it’s been posted to fb.

    *I sometimes don’t like my family, but I always love them.

    *I’ve learned that it’s okay to NOT be okay- big step for me.

    *I love your stories about LG- including the Red Hot Chili Peppers 😀

    *I’ve started praying more- another proud point.

    *For however long is needed, I’m taking a break from my social network sites (read- Not spending multiple hours each day checking & rechecking them..updating them…then wondering where the hell my time has gone)

    *Trying not to curse sounds like a good idea…but not sure I’m ready for such a step.

    That’s all I have for now…

  3. It took me to the second to last bullet to realize that Pserendipity did not write this post. Blame Google Reader for not having to click on actual sites. Doh!

    I’m not a huge fan of MJB either. Don’t think she’s a great singer. Now Stevie? I love him! I got my name from one of his songs!

    I had the same thought about cursing this morning. Why? Because Mister woke up, stretched and the FIRST words out of his mouth were, “Awwwww, sh!t.” Really dude? It’s not even 7am. I don’t drop the bombs much but I do need to do better. I have a great vocabulary. I should challenge myself to use it.

    I watched 3 episodes of RHOA last night. A semi-accident, lol. And Sheree? Yeah……about her…..*sigh* She’s that traumatized by court that it draws her to tears? Chile, please. It was family court, not a criminal trial. Saddown somewhere. And Phaedra? Her legal skills are a tainch questionable. Looking all dumbfounded up there about the motion the ex-husband filed.

    And can we just all address the elephant in the room about RHOA? And no, I’m not talking about Nene…..Sheree’s ex-husband is FUGLY!

    Take Smoochy with you to go see those dressers. Craigslist is a bit ehhhhh these days.

  4. I’ll join the movement to stop pottymouthedness along with you.

    The sad thing is that Sheree seems more broke than stupid.

    You are welcome to join the Wilson-Hacketts at Christmas. Though it may be underwhelming.

    I’ve never liked MJB’s music. I like her swagger, but she could remain completely silent and still win me over.

    I’d really like a cupcake right now.

    They put out leftovers from yesterday’s Christmas lunch at 10:30. Here’s one thing: who’s eating dressing at 10:30a.m? Well, apparently a lot of people because when I went at 11? I ate spaghetti and cranberry sauce. And I liked it.

  5. We were cool… we were getting along so well and then you brought up Stevie AND Mary! OUCH! Loves them both. RHOA – Sheree is… yeah, not good. Rowenta – bomb diggity! Your wreath is nice. LG in the “snow” aborbs!

  6. I’m a total STAN for Mary J, but I understand folks who don’t like her. She seems so normal and I’d love to hang out with her for a day.

    Really, no Stevie? That’s interesting. I don’t hear of too many people not liking Stevie.

    Your work mate will start matching your arrival times, and the next thing you know, you’ll be going in 30 minutes early!! *lol* Good luck with that!

    I love Craiglist! Is there someone that you can take with you, other than LoveGirl? Maybe P? I’m sure together y’all would be safe.

    I saw an awesome ornament ball wreath on another blog and I’m going to try it. I’ll be out buying discount ornaments after Xmas for the project.

  7. I am FIRING all my blogger friends who don’t love MJB!! What. the. hell????????

    Ma’am go to Ikea or Tarjay and get you a cheap dresser and stay the hell off Craiglist lest you and LG come up missing!!!!!!!!!

    Why do your work people attach themselves to you so?? It’s creepy!

  8. I agree with mzinspiredmind, I loved Mary’s earlier stuff, but the new, not so much. But why are people gettin’ all in a tizzy about who you do or don’t like. 😦

    I wouldn’t miss RHOA, addicted to that show. Sheree has always bugged me. Not a fan. She’s gonna have trouble getting any money from her ex behaving that way.

    Our lights often get tangled too. We try to wrap them neatly, but they still manage to get tangled some how.

    I should try to stop buying polish too, it’s sort of a sickness. I have ALOT of polishes and I just bought my daughter this kit were you stamp designs on your nails. It’s really cool!

    I just made an wreath out of mini ornament balls. I should take a picture of it, it’s really quite cute. 🙂

  9. When I saw that pic on fb I told my mom it was snowing in Jax… ROTFL!!! You tricked me! I’m glad you told me that yarn wreath is overly labor intensive. It makes sense but I wouldn’t have thought about it until you said it and I would’ve been HOT! B/c I sure had thoughts of making one! Shout out to you! Never had tangled lights, either but we wrap ours so they won’t. Take P w/you to check out the dressers.

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