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I Apologize

Apparently my confessions of not caring all that much for Stevie Wonder and/or Mary J Blige yesterday caused a bit of an uproar in blogland.  And by uproar, I mean a couple of people are “no longer speaking to me” or are bullying me on Facebook.  But you know me, I’m all about peace.  So I spent yesterday evening listening to works by both Mr. Wonder and Ms. Blige and I admit – I was wrong.  Both are awesome artists, all their songs are marvelous, and I spent loads of good money downloading their songs to my phone. The joy their music brings me is indescribable.


I like what I like!!! And this cyber bullying is not going to change my mind.  I was born this way!!!


20 thoughts on “I Apologize

  1. Bwahaha @ you being cyber bullied!! Nobody better bully my Nerd Girl! If it’s anyone in the DC metro area, tell me and I’ll handle that for you, in person! LOL!

  2. I’ve been bullied to for not LOVING those same two artists. I LIKE them and if their songs happen to be on, I might not be so quick to change the station, but I could really leave them alone. Thought it was just me.

  3. Stevie has been around my entire life. And he’s still recording and performing. If you’ve ever seen him LIVE, you might change your mind. His concerts are worth the ticket price, Stevie gives you your money’s worth. ANd the crows are always so diverse, young and old, Black, White Asian, Hispanic. Listen to SONGS IN THE KEY OF LIFE, INNERVISIONS, and TALKING BOOK!
    Masterpieces! ANd if you still don’t like him……well them I’m flying down there and drag you to a concert! OK..I’m done all the bullying I’m gonna do. 🙂

  4. I’m a stevie fan. I enjoy his music. Maybe not every song but a good bulk of it and I’m a fan of old mary when she was on drugs and depressed. She wrote such good songs then. This happy mary isn’t always my cup of tea. That sounds horrible but I’m just being real lol.

  5. Ha! I knew that was coming. I like some of Stevie Wonder’s music, but I didn’t really grow up listening to him.

    As far as Mary, I’ve fallen out of love with her music when I discovered that she really couldn’t sing. I still don’t understand why people still call her the “Queen” of whatever. Chile.. please.

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