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Make it Rain!

Yesterday, I came home and found a box on my doorstep – my blogland Secret Santa gift had arrived!  Yes!  LG almost knocked me over rushing to pick it up.  No ma’am – this one is for mama 🙂

Resisting the temptation to peek at the postage label, I tore into the package and was/am just tickled to death at what I found!

Two of the cutest pairs of knee socks, a blank journal, and two bags – one filled with candy and one filled with mini nail polishes!

Absolutely marvelous!










After I stopped squealing, I opened up the bags and started squealing all over again!  10 little bottles of nail polish and a goo gob of sweet, sugary deliciousness – lemonheads, now n laters, hot tamales, nerds, pop rocks, jolly ranchers, and giant chewy sweet tarts. Love. Them. All.

My candy stash may be a box or two lighter this morning 🙂











I have no idea who my Secret Santa is, but I sure do appreciate your kindness!  I didn’t see anything I’d consider a hint…the socks are from Target, the journal has hints of teal, and the tissue paper was purple…but I’ll venture a guess and say Nineteen Sixty Nine??

Thank you so very much – I’m going to enjoy it all!!!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everybody! See you in 2012!!! (Or next week – haven’t decided yet!)


8 thoughts on “Make it Rain!

  1. Oooh, how fun! Those colors look uber famil…are those Se.pho.ra by O.P.I. minis??? I just received a box of them this past weekend and I AM IN LOVE! I can’t figure out which one to try next, seriously, they make me so happy, lol.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours! Have a safe and wonderfully blessed holiday season!

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