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She’s Always In My Hair

So, the other day I was tweeting about LG’s hair and how…difficult it was becoming to style.  She is extremely tender-headed and no matter how gently and slowly I work, washing and styling her hair is torture for her.  This was not the case for the first four years of her life when I could just run a comb through her hair, no tangles, easy-peasy.  Those days are gone and I’m left feeling absolutely miserable after I wash and style her hair.  Subsequent styling sessions are much easier because her hair is stretched out and pretty much tangle free.  It’s the post-wash styling that’s killing us softly.

And here, of course, is where you come in.  If you’re natural and you know it clap your hands.  Okay, the hand clapping was totally unnecessary 🙂

Anyhoo, here’s what I do with Lovegirl’s hair.  Any procedural/product suggestions?  I don’t really want to relax her hair, but I can’t stand to see her cry and flinch much longer either…

1.  Take her twists down.  Usually she has anywhere from 8 – 24 twists in.

2.  Lay her on the counter and with her head back, I wash her hair with Herbal Essences Hello Hydration shampoo.  I work downward and never scrunch her hair up.

3.  Apply conditioner.  Regular conditioning, I use Hello Hydration conditioner.  I let that sit for 3 or 4 minutes then rinse.

4.  If I’m deep conditioning, I use cholesterol or Proclaim Argan Oil deep conditioner.  I put a bag on her head and let it sit for 30 or 40 minutes then rinse.

5.  I don’t rinse all of the conditioner out of her hair.

6.  I use Kinky Curly Knot Today detangler on small sections.  Usually her parts are still visible and I use those as guides, adjusting the part a little bit so I don’t stress her hair.  I use a wide-toothed comb.

7.  After I detangle each section, I put a little coconut or olive oil on her scalp and hair, twist it up and that one’s done.

8.  Repeat #7 until her whole head’s done.

Usually this takes about 2 hours from start to finish.  The other day it took 4.  That cannot will not happen again.

The end.  Help!!!


14 thoughts on “She’s Always In My Hair

  1. I’m natural and I try to NEVER wash my hair loose. I do everything in twisted sections. If LG has a lot of twists, unravel them and make larger, workable sections in her hair. I’d give LG a pre-poo by either coating her twisted sections with an oil or spritz it with a conditioner/water mix. Cover her head with a plastic cap for about 5-10 minutes. Then, unravel a section and finger detangle and pull out all the shed hairs. Then detangle with your brush or comb. RE-TWIST that section and go to the next. Then lay her on her back and let the water run through those twists. Apply shampoo to hands and massage scalp, letting the suds run down each twist (or unravel a section and wash in downward motion the re-twist). Rinse. Slap on some conditioner and plastic cap for however long. Then rinse her hair…in those same twists. Wrap a towel around her head (or tshirt or microfiber towel) and let it soak up the excess water. Do not rub her hair. Then unwrap and begin styling.

    This is the only way I wash my hair. Every time I ‘go rouge’ and do it another way, it’s a tangled mess and takes me forever to tame. Hope this helps

  2. Since I don’t wear pigtails or even really part my hair, I rarely use a comb. Maybe you can do even more detangling with your fingers? The other thing that helps with my nieces is holding a section of hair in my fist firmly and then just combing the edges out. Holding their hair helps stop the comb from pulling and tugging.

  3. Maybe MORE manipulation is the answer, not less? Most locheads get tender-headed because the scalp is rarely tugged and pulled. I know I never look forward to a retightening because it feels like fire on my scalp lol. How about trying scalp messages on LG?

  4. Suave Almond and Shea Butter Conditioner melts my tangles, I co-wash (conditioner wash) and combing conditioner through under running water works for me. When I’m not being lazy, doing this in sections is even better!

  5. Try detangling while you have the hello hydration conditioner in the hair. Make sure to use a wide tooth comb first. I like my hair really detangled so I come in after that with a smaller tooth comb (not too small, but smaller than a wide tooth comb). After rinsing out the conditioner section the hair and apply the deep conditioner. If neccessary run the wide tooth comb between the four sections. Rinse each section of hair. If you rinse it all together it may tangle again. After you have finished with the washing process make sure you leave the hair in sections to allow it not to tangle and it should be easier to manipulate. Hope this helps!

  6. Lisa’s method is exactly what I was going to suggest. Get some cheap conditioner like vo5 or suave when it goes on sale for .79 that way you can put a ton of conditioner in her hair while you detangle and not worry about wasting money. The more “slip” the hair has, the less painful it will be. Part of LG’s hair blues will probably just be she thinks it’s going to hurt now, so while the conditioner is in watch a fun new movie so she’ll be distracted.

  7. It can take a while with my daughter’s hair too. She’s three and hates to have it washed. I do it in the tub. We don’t condition separately b/c I don’t think she’d tolerate that. I use leave in conditioner.

    I try to be gentle with her. Thank God she is not tenderheaded. I do her hair while she watches tv and surfs the internet. I comb her hair once or so a week and just brush the edges up or re-twist as needed everyday. I use a spray detangler and re-wet her hair if needed while styling.

    Check out http://www.happygirlhair.com for more tips. I got some good tips there.

  8. My suggestion is what Adriana suggests and doing it in parts, especially if her hair is very thick so it won’t tangle back up is key. I never comb out/detangle my hair while it is dry or just slightly damp. It MUST be wet w/conditioner to comb out/detangle. Also, because my hair is very coarse it also needs a lot of moisture. I use Qhemet Biologics heavy cream to keep it moisturized and that allows for more manipulation sans pain and hair pulling. When I 2 strand twist my hair I use Qhemet Biologics Twist butter for hold. I sometimes use the twist butter to dry twist my hair and it does good with that too. I use oil to seal my hair when I am done styling it /manipulating it. I purchased the widest comb I could to comb my hair. It was .99 at Sally’s Beauty Supply. I also think Mrs. Count is correct. Your daughter expects it to hurt so it hurts. Put her in front of the TV or doing something fun – reading a book, playing a game etc. and see if that distraction takes away some of the pain. Good luck!!

  9. I may invest in some of the kinky curly products for deep conditioning. We use Shea Naturals (I think that’s the name) and it works well enough (shampoo, custard, conditioner). Thanks for sharing. back to work I go.

  10. I use This http://www.amazon.com/Africas-Best-Organics-Detangling-Moisturizing/dp/B000BGIYWY on Jasmine’s hair and it works wonders. She has really curly hair that is getting very thick and this melts those tangles while moisturizing at the same time. Also, when I condition her hair I don’t rise it out at all. That also helps with the tangles. Like Mrs. Count said, its possible she THINKS its gonna hurt so bad that she makes it worse on herself. I turn on some Yo Gabba Gabba before I even start doing anything and she gets into it and I can just do my hair business without her saying ” Dat hurt mommy” Like she does when shes not distracted.

  11. My daughters hair is not very long but it is thick. I’m using Carol’s Daughters shampoo/conditioner & detangler. I love the conditioner & detangler the best. Combing after shampoo is pretty much a none event now. I too sit her down in front of her cartoons while combing.

  12. There is a youtube tutorial- Girls Love Your Curls dot com, and the woman loosely braids her child’s hair in large sections and then washes and conditions each braided section. It spares the detangllng process.

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